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Cleveland Browns News for 6/17/09: New Linebacker, Marshall Rumor, and Anderson Joyride

New Linebacker Signed

The Browns signed former Buffalo Bills LB Blake Costanzo yesterday after waiving DB Bryan Williams a few days ago. Costanzo spent his first year in the league trying out with the New York Jets and Eric Mangini before catching on with Buffalo. Last year with the Bills, he led the team with 26 special teams tackles. The Bills waived him on June 11. On May 18, when our Bills blogger did an early roster projection for the team, he listed Costanza as a player to be cut. Here's what fans had to say about Costanzo then, and after the release...

"I really have no issue with any of this, with the lone exception being Blake Costanzo’s departure. The guy is a demon on special teams and I would hate to see him go. Not saying it won’t happen, just that he is the only guy on your cut list that I would really miss."

"Entirely agree on Costanzo. I know that a few of our LB’s will be cut before the start of the year, but I really hope that ne makes it on the final roster. He’s a beast."

"Kinda surprised by the early release of Costanzo, especially since the team seems to value special teams play. As was pointed out though, it was most likely inevitable w/ the influx of young talent at the LB position."

Anderson Joyride

The Cleveland Scene has a pretty funny article about Browns QB Derek Anderson visiting Kiddie Park and declaring it "Derek Anderson Day" to oppose Brady Quinn's "Brady Quinn Day" at Cedar Point.

"We were just having a normal weekend," said manger Steven Wright. "There were about two dozen families here playing on the mini-slides and mini-roller coasters, then suddenly this really tall guy shows up in full football uniform. We were on the verge of calling the cops until we realized it was really Derek Anderson. None of us even knew what he looked like until today."

Have a little chuckle at it.

Marshall Rumor

As Bernie19Kosar pointed out, ProFootballTalk, a website recently acquired by NBC, reported a rumor of a Brandon Marshall deal occurring between the Browns and the Broncos. The deal would send Joshua Cribbs and a draft pick to Denver in exchange for Marshall. While the trade would seem to upgrade our receiving group, would it be a necessary one? I don't think so. Cribbs can be a game-changer -- you can't find those gems. We've already invested two high draft picks in Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi.

Side Dish Chatter

  • It's a shame that HBO has told YouTube to take down the Artie Lange/Joe Buck videos. If you haven't heard about that encounter, then I don't know where you have been. As a subscriber to Sirius radio, I loved Lange's tirade. You can't feel sympathetic for Buck because...if you're going to have Lange booked for the show, you know what you are getting.
  • Tony Grossi has a piece on WR Donte Stallworth and the chances of him returning by training camp, depending on the ruling of commissioner Roger Goodell. The funniest part of the piece? Check it out:

    Cornwell [one of Stallworth's attorny representatives] said Stallworth has been working out to assure he'll be physically ready to go when cleared to return to the field.

    "Yesterday at dinner he was complaining that his hamstring was too tight because he was out running hills with Frank Gore, Fred Taylor and Plax [Plaxico Burress]. So he's been working out," Cornwell said.

    For those of you considering the possibility of him returning this year, the italicized part says it all. There's a reason fans didn't want him back prior to his unfortunate accident, and it's pretty funny to hear it almost bragged about. "I'm working so hard, I pulled my hamstring AGAIN! Put me in, coach!"

  • Is anyone else participating in the LOST Rewatch? With next season being the last, if you follow the schedule right, you'll never get tired of waiting for the new season to arrive already.
  • Don't forget to contact me if you have any ideas for training camp posts you'd like to contribute. I've already had two people contact me; I'll be getting back to them shortly.