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Adam Schefter Predicts Dawson Will be Gone

People and their Twitter feeds these days.

Adam Schefter, who would formerly create a buzz on or the NFL Network, chose the social networking service to make a projection -- one that relates to a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Prediction based on what I'm hearing: Phil Dawson will not kick for Cleveland this season. He wants a new contract and there's a standoff.

-Adam Schefter's Twitter Page

We knew that Dawson originally held out of of voluntary workouts because he wanted a new contract. However, this is first I've heard of anything since Dawson returned during the minicamp sessions. Schefter is well-connected in the NFL, and while I doubt there is a swarm of sources flooding him about Dawson's situation, I don't think he would rehash an old rumor for the sake of reaching for news.

It'll be interesting to discuss the kicker situation further in a couple of weeks (according to our training camp preview schedule) with this in mind. Speaking of training camp previews, the new time for Part 2 of the offensive line preview will be some time in the afternoon on Friday. That should be plenty of time to discuss it the rest of Friday and all day Saturday, before we begin the wide receiver position the following week.