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Joshua Cribbs and Steve Heiden to be Ready for the Start of Training Camp

Cleveland Browns KR Joshua Cribbs indicated that he will be in attendance for when veterans report to training camp July 31. Cribbs made the indication when he was interviewed on WKNR recently:

"No. 16 will be on the field, proudly."


"I'm going to still play as hard as I can," he said. "I don't know any other way to play. I don't want to go anywhere else, I want to stay in Cleveland. I'm going to do everything I can physically and business-wise to stay in Cleveland because this is where I want to be. If something else happens, I don't think it's on me.

"I can't make every person understand my point of view and a lot of fans just don't understand the nature of football and the contract situations and everything. I'm just going to keep playing and I don't mind any fan express any point of view to me and I will respectfully converse with them. I want to see us win big and be a part of that when it happens. Hopefully that happens this year and I'm on that team."


Listen to the full interview here (about 20 minutes long)

Jason La Canfora of reported that Cribbs' representatives were scheduled to talk with the Browns today in an effort to set up a full face-to-face meeting. Jason states that Cribbs isn't looking for a huge contract upgrade, but wants it to be recognized that he is "out-performing his contract".

Another person who should be in training camp is TE Steve Heiden, who tore his ACL and MCL last season. Pro Football Weekly's Mike Wilkening reported the following on Saturday:

[Heiden] expects to be cleared to practice when Browns veterans take the field on July 31, his agent, Jack Wirth, recently told PFW. "He’s made great progress," Wirth said, noting that Heiden has told him the only limitation he could have in training camp is that he might be limited to one practice a day.

That is very encouraging, especially since I'm not overly thrilled about Robert Royal being our featured tight end. Although some believe Royal has the starting role already, I wouldn't bank on that just yet.

Finally, don't forget to check out Terry Pluto's Sunday column, where he relays an executive's thoughts on various Browns topics, among other things.