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Browns Training Camp Primer: Poll Results, Roster, and More

I'm proud to have successfully completed every position preview prior to the start of training camp for the first time in Dawgs By Nature history! A lot of the motivation behind that had to do with knowing you, the users who make this site possible, would share your take on the situation. I feel a lot more up-to-date heading into training camp on players than I ever have before, and I hope some of you feel the same.

This post is intended to wrap everything up; whether you're new to the site and would like to sift through all of the previews, or if you're a regular and just want a quick refresher, there is something for everyone. I will also outline the results of the 16 training camp polls that you voted on, as well as the team's current roster.

Quarterbacks (6.21.09)
Running Backs (6.24.09)
Fullbacks (6.26.09)
Wide Receivers [Part 1] (7.5.09)
Wide Receivers [Part 2] (7.8.09)
Tight Ends (7.10.09)
Offensive Line [Part 1] (7.1.09)
Offensive Line [Part 2] (7.3.09)
Defensive Line [Part 1] (6.28.09)
Defensive Line [Part 2] (6.29.09)
Inside Linebackers (7.13.09)
Outside Linebackers (7.16.09)
Safeties (7.20.09)
Cornerbacks [Part 1] (7.22.09)
Cornerbacks [Part 2] (7.27.09)
Special Teams (7.18.09)

With each of the 16 training camp posts, there was a poll at the end of them, highlighting some of the top questions that would be on the minds of fans heading into training camp. Here they are, in summary:


If Eric Mangini decides to start Derek Anderson over Brady Quinn this season, which statement below would best summarize your thoughts?

Thank god! I WANT Anderson to start! : 72 votes
I'll trust Mangini's judgment for his first year : 400 votes
Wow, what a horrible decision by Mangini : 706 votes

Thoughts: I'm on the fence here. Part of the reason we grew tired of Crennel was he reluctance to play Quinn. If Mangini feels Anderson is better for his system though, I think I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in his first season. Quinn will probably start when it's all said and done, though.

What role do you think rookie RB James Davis will end up holding to start the season?

The "Leon Washington" role (No. 2 RB) : 97 votes
Backup RB (No. 3 or No. 4) : 536 votes
Practice squad or released : 28 votes

Thoughts: Jerome Harrison should have the Leon Washington role locked up, so I'm more interested in seeing how much an improvement Davis can offer over last year's Jason Wright.

Who will be our backup fullback this season (and "who cares" is not an answer!)?

Charles Ali : 190 votes
Noah Herron : 64 votes
One of our TE's : 60 votes

Thoughts: We can't have all of mooncamping's fullbacks, but I won't go as drastic as carrying only one of them. Keep Ali.

Which RG and RT combination do you expect to see starting in Week 1?

Tucker at RG, St. Clair at RT : 118 votes
Tucker at RG, Womack at RT : 82 votes
Womack at RG, Tucker at RT : 224 votes
Hadnot at RG, Tucker at RT : 44 votes
Fraley at RG, Tucker at RT : 23 votes
Tucker Won't Start (Other) : 20 votes

Thoughts: The combination highlighted is the one I want too. Hopefully the rumors of Ryan Tucker's thoughts on retiring don't pan out. If they do, then none of these poll options really apply. We'd probably see Womack or Hadnot at RG, with St. Clair at RT.

Which non-veteran backup offensive lineman, excluding Isaac Sowells, are you most intrigued by?

Dustin Fry : 83 votes
Kurt Quarterman : 101 votes
Marlon Davis : 68 votes

Thoughts: At 350 pounds, I want to see if Quarterman has some skill to go along with his size.

Which player will be the Browns' slot receiver to open the season?

Mike Furrey : 754 votes
Mohamed Massaquoi : 373 votes
David Patten : 90 votes
Other : 41 votes

Thoughts: Furrey had one great receiving season with the Rams, but there's easily a chance that he could turn out to be this year's Kevin Kasper -- high hopes, but no roster spot.

Which of the following younger receivers is your favorite?

Syndric Steptoe : 59 votes
Paul Hubbard : 147 votes
Jordan Norwood : 253 votes
Lance Leggett : 56 votes

Thoughts: I'm surprised that Steptoe got so many votes. I think Leggett might be the best of this bunch right now, but will probably be overshadowed.

If Mangini decided to say, "you know what, I'm having one definitive tight end who will basically be the only tight end who plays", which player would you like that to be, considering the rest of Mangini's gameplan?

Robert Royal : 93 votes
Martin Rucker : 409 votes
Steve Heiden : 295 votes

Thoughts: Rucker has been getting great reviews from minicamps, and rumors are now starting that it's Heiden's job to lose over Royal. I used to think Royal had the starting role locked up, but now I'm not so sure.


(Two part question) Do you see DL Shaun Smith making the final roster? Who is the NT behind Shaun Rogers?

S. Smith makes the team, A. Rubin is the backup NT : 139 votes
S. Smith makes the team, L. Leonard is the backup NT : 25 votes
S. Smith gets cut, A. Rubin is the backup NT : 234 votes
S. Smith gets cut, L. Leonard is the backup NT : 35 votes

Thoughts: A lot of people want Smith to be gone, and a lot of people want Rubin to be the backup nose tackle. While I wouldn't be sorry to see Smith's mouth gone, if Mangini feels he can "get him under control", Smith would be an asset to our depth.

Which player would you rather see worked into the ILB rotation more this season?

Beau Bell : 452 votes
Kaluka Maiava : 546 votes
Bo Ruud : 115 votes

Thoughts: A close battle between Bell and Maiava. I hope the coaching staff gives Bell a fair chance at this spot, considering he was screwed by Crennel last year.

Who do you think will start at OLB opposite Kamerion Wimbley?

David Bowens : 228 votes
Alex Hall : 448 votes
David Veikune : 166 votes

Thoughts: Alex Hall all the way! Bowens is the "safe" pick as a veteran, but Hall is the one who could have the most impact this year as Veikune waits in the wings.

Which safety do you think has more potential?

Brodney Pool : 191 votes
Abram Elam : 304 votes

Thoughts: This was probably an easy choice to many -- Pool has had a few years to start and might have already peaked, while Elam is receiving his first chance.

Between Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald, and Roderick Hood, which pair would you like to see starting (the cornerback not listed would then be the nickel back)?

Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald : 258 votes
Eric Wright, Roderick Hood : 253 votes
Roderick Hood, Brandon McDonald : 14 votes
I'll wait for what mooncamping says and then decide : 26 votes

Thoughts: Clearly, it looks like one of the most debated position battles in training camp will be Brandon McDonald vs. Roderick Hood. One will start, and one will be the nickel back. I think McDonald will start, but either way will leave me content.

Which cornerback will make the 53-man roster (if you think more than one will, pick the most likely one)?

Coye Francies : 239 votes
Gerard Lawson : 5 votes
Don Carey : 101 votes
None of them : 20 votes

Thoughts: The Browns bought Francies when his stock was low with the chance of his value being high. With so many veteran corners on the Browns though, is there a spot for him on the 53-man roster?

Will Phil Dawson be kicking for the Browns this season?

Yes : 485 votes
No : 42 votes

Thoughts: I hope so too.

Finally, with some of the Browns' draft picks signing, it's best to keep up with the current roster, since some of the players from the training camp previews are no longer with the team. Here is the roster as it stands now:


Quarterbacks (4):
Derek Anderson
-Brady Quinn
-Brett Ratliff
-Richard Bartel

Running Backs (4):
Jamal Lewis
-Jerome Harrison
-James Davis
-Noah Herron

Fullbacks (2):
Lawrence Vickers
-Charles Ali

Wide Receivers (10):
Braylon Edwards
-Brian Robiskie
-Mohamed Massaquoi
-Mike Furrey
-Joshua Cribbs
-David Patten
-Syndric Steptoe
-Lance Leggett
-Paul Hubbard
-Jordan Norwood

Tight Ends (5):
Robert Royal
-Steve Heiden
-Martin Rucker
-John Madsen
-Aaron Walker

Offensive Line (13):
Joe Thomas
-Eric Steinbach
-Alex Mack
-Ryan Tucker
-Floyd Womack
-Hank Fraley
-John St. Clair
-Rex Hadnot
-George Foster
-Isaac Sowells
-Kurt Quarterman
-Dustin Fry
-Branndon Braxton


Defensive Linemen (11):
Shaun Rogers
-Corey Williams
-Robaire Smith
-Kenyon Coleman
-C.J. Mosley
-Shaun Smith
-Ahtyba Rubin
-Louis Leonard
-Melila Purcell
-Santonio Thomas
-Adam Hoppel

Inside Linebackers (6):
D'Qwell Jackson
-Eric Barton
-Kaluka Maiava
-Beau Bell
-Bo Ruud
-Blake Costanzo

Outside Linebackers (8):
Kamerion Wimbley
-Alex Hall
-David Bowens
-David Veikune
-Leon Williams
-Titus Brown
-Phillip Hunt
-Marcus Benard

Safeties (6):
Brodney Pool
-Abram Elam
-Mike Adams
-Nick Sorensen
-Hamza Abdullah
-Bret Lockett

Cornerbacks (8):
Eric Wright
-Brandon McDonald
-Roderick Hood
-Corey Ivy
-Hank Poteat
-Coye Francies
-Gerard Lawson
-Don Carey

Special Teams (4):
Phil Dawson
-Parker Douglass
-Dave Zastudil
-Ryan Pontbriand


80 players should be the cap for the start of training camp, so when we sign Brian Robiskie, someone else will be immediately waived. We might actually be at 79 players, depending on how long Francies and Edwards stay on the non-football injury list.