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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 18 (Morning) - Alex Mack Plays Some Guard

Thank you WKYC and the Cleveland Browns. With a possible blackout looming in the Cleveland area for this weekend's Great Lakes Classic, WKYC and the Browns came to an agreement to eat the cost of the 4,500 or so unsold tickets.

Two practices were scheduled for the Browns today. There was a threat of rain in the morning, but the drops never came. Let's get to the recap...


  1. Get Out of Jail Practice Free Card: It was unusual to see Joe Thomas absent from the field this morning. No worries for our star left tackle though -- apparently he received a non-transferable "day off from practice" card for exceptional work in offseason conditioning programs. Thomas cashed in this morning. It actually gave Mangini the opportunity to move some players around for experience purposes. Eric Steinbach worked at left tackle while Alex Mack worked at left guard and Hank Fraley worked at center for the first team.
  2. New RB, LB Waived: The Browns waived LB Phillip Hunt. Taking his place is RB Chris Jennings, who is 5-10, 218 pounds from the University of Arizona. He has spent some time in the CFL. Jennings had some reps in practice, showing some effectiveness.
  3. Cribbs' Stock Stays High: Continuing to make plays, Joshua Cribbs caught a 45-yard touchdown pass against CB Eric Wright. Credit to QB Brett Ratliff on the play too though, because he needed a perfect pass to beat Wright's near-perfect coverage. Cribbs also ran a nice route to fool DB Gerard Lawson.
  4. Anderson Struggles in No Huddle: It wasn't a good no huddle 11-on-11 drill for Derek Anderson, who went 0-for-4 in his attempt. Part of the problem, according to Dawg Scooper, is that Anderson failed to read two cornerback blitzes pre-snap. He was sacked in both instances -- once by Hank Poteat and once by Brandon McDonald. Quinn fared better, going 6-of-6 for 51 yards.
  5. Mangini Upset at Quinn: To end practice, a drill was put in place where 50 seconds were on the clock and the quarterbacks started at their own 25-yard line. In the situation, the score was supposed to be a tie score, 17-17. On Quinn's first pass, he threw an interception to CB Brandon McDonald who took it for a pick six. The pass was intended for Braylon Edwards, but it was no where near him. After the play, Edwards and Quinn deemed that there was a miscommunication between the two.
  6. Same Drill With Anderson: The drill didn't go any better for Anderson. With 50 seconds to work with, the first play was an in-bounds, 8-yard completion to Brian Robiskie that drained the clock. After a few penalties on the drive, it ended with a punt.
  7. Play of the Day: WR Braylon Edwards made a nice 30-yard catch over CB Corey Ivy near the sideline, able to keep his feet in bounds.
  8. Onside Kick Executed...Somewhat: K Phil Dawson executed an onside kick, as it went the proper distance and was grabbed on one bounce by S Mike Adams. However, it wouldn't have counted since a member of the kicking team was offsides.
  9. Injury Notes: DL Shaun Rogers, LB David Bowens, OL Ryan Tucker, RB Jerome Harrison and WR David Patten rode the exercise bikes.

The Browns will hit the field later tonight for an evening session.

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