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Browns Training Camp Report: Day 2 - Shaun Rogers Sits Out

The Cleveland Browns hit the field for an afternoon practice in Berea today, and one thing stood out -- the massive Shaun Rogers was riding the stationary bicycle instead of being on the field.


  1. Big Baby Sits: Star defensive tackle Shaun Rogers did not practice Sunday afternoon. It is believed that he hurt himself during Saturday's evening session, but it isn't believed to be anything too serious. The team did not comment on his status.
  2. Cornerback Swap: Rookie defensive back Coye Francies only missed one day of training camp, as he suited up and was in action today. Our other rookie draft pick at the cornerback position, Don Carey, did not practice after hurting his shoulder in Saturday's evening session.
  3. Getting Into Shape: The laps are starting to accumulate. These plays were amidst the series that led to the entire offense running a lap: Alex Mack miscues the snap count, allowing a free defender through the line; Isaac Sowells and Kurt Quarterman jumped offsides; Hank Fraley snapped the ball into the ground. The players themselves seemed to agree that they deserved to run.
  4. Mcdonald80209_medium CB Brandon McDonald had a good day, breaking up several passes.

  5. Edge to Anderson, Again: For the second straight day, the quarterback competition reportedly belonged to Derek Anderson. I'll recap Anderson first, and then Quinn. In 7-on-7 drills, Anderson had four plays and three touchdowns in three of them -- one each to RB James Davis, TE Robert Royal, and TE Aaron Walker. To end practice, both quarterbacks ran the two-minute drill. Anderson led the offense down the field against the second-string defense, and with 20 seconds remaining, he fired a 20-yard touchdown to Joshua Cribbs.
  6. The Day for Quinn: The two-minute drill didn't go as well for Brady Quinn, who faced the first-team defense. On a 4th-and-15 play, Quinn had Lance Leggett open but threw behind him to end the drive. Quinn isn't necessarily doing bad in camp, as both quarterbacks reportedly have a good grip of the offense. Anderson is just having the same solid camp he usually does -- whether that translates to gameday or not is the problem.
  7. New Reps On the Line: The rotation on the offensive line continues, with Ryan Tucker and George Foster playing with the first team. Both players started slowly, but by the end of practice, Tucker was running his drills effectively. Foster, on the other hand, appeared to struggle.
  8. Bubble Watch: Featured in today's bubble watch is OL Isaac Sowells, and the news isn't good. The OBR reports that he has had a difficult time gaining leverage against defensive linemen and linebackers thus far.
  9. McDonald Shines: In a span of six passes, Brady Quinn threw the ball to Lance Leggett four times. Leggett was unable to come away with any of the balls, as Brandon McDonald had two nice breakups.
  10. Davis80209_medium Rookie RB James Davis has had a great start to camp.
  11. Pass Interference: The defensive backs were getting flagged for a few pass interferences, including Roderick Hood twice and Eric Wright at least once.
  12. Hello, Mr. Norwood: I was disappointed to not hear anything about Jordan Norwood yesterday, but the OBR delivered today:
    "...undrafted free agent Jordan Norwood continues to make plays and be noticed. Running solid route after solid route, Norwood is not making plays solely against the bottom-of-the-depth chart type players. This rookie has made a number of acrobatic grabs, as well as the ordinary type in his productive practices to date."
  13. Buddy Ryan: Rob Ryan's father, Buddy Ryan, attended camp today.
  14. Ali Taken Out: Fullback Charles Ali was escorted off the field after big collisions with Beau Bell and D'Qwell Jackson, reports WTAM.
  15. Praise for James Davis: The OBR has praised the play of rookie RB James Davis over the past two days: "The Browns offense looks to be a one-cut-and-go type rushing attack, which fits perfectly into the natural ability of the Clemson product." I have to admit, while I never mind hearing positive news about one of our players, I wish I was hearing this about Jerome Harrison.

The Browns will have two practices on Monday -- one in the morning and one in the evening.

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