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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 25 - Another Transaction

Is there really a point to roster transactions this late into training camp? Sure, maybe we're trying to scout players that might end up on our practice squad in the future, but a week really isn't a lot to go by.

As I'm sure you can tell, the training camp reports are more so "general team notes" now as opposed to specifics on how the day went. It's like that every year as public camp sessions come to a close.


  1. The Transaction: After being involved in a couple of reverses late in the game against the Detroit Lions, the Browns waived former Jet WR Paul Raymond. Taking his place is DE Brian Schaefering. Does that name sound familiar? It should, because he was signed by the Browns in May of last year before being waived at the end of training camp. He was added to the Browns' practice squad in early December, before Eric Mangini signed him to the Jets' active roster for the team's final game of the regular season.
  2. Play of the Day: After getting behind CB Hank Poteat, WR Braylon Edwards caught a Brady Quinn pass one-handed in the end zone for a touchdown.
  3. Hot Start, 'Meh' Finish: After starting hot in practice, QB Derek Anderson cooled down and didn't do as well in game simulations. His best plays came early on, when he connected with WR Brian Robiskie and Edwards for scores.
  4. Still MIA: S Brodney Pool did not return to action. All of the other players who have been out stayed out, except for WR David Patten. Patten returned to action and was practicing.
  5. Players at Safety: In his press conference, Mangini brought up the fact that other players on the roster have experience at safety, perhaps alluding to the injuries of Brodney Pool and Hamza Abdullah. Mangini noted DB Hank Poteat and WR Mike Furrey. I loved reading about how a good portion of the media didn't seem to know Furrey started at safety for the St. Louis Rams for nearly a whole season. There's nothing wrong if individual fans don't know that, but if you're constantly writing about the Browns, it should've stood out as a unique note in his player profile when the team first signed him.
  6. Center Update: Maybe we just panicked a little too early about rookie C Alex Mack. After a rough start to training camp, Mack has continued to settle in smoothly. However, you could also note that the "turnaround" started right around the point that a certain someone stopped practicing (Shaun Rogers).

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