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Cleveland Browns 23, Tennessee Titans 17

The Cleveland Browns kept it close in the first half and then capitalized quickly in the second half on a few turnovers to defeat the Tennessee Titans 23-17.

The quarterback situation was difficult to evaluate early on because the Titans controlled the clock under quarterback Kerry Collins. After the Browns' defense forced a three-and-out on the first possession, Collins was able to move the chains threw the air, finishing the game 11-of-14 for 102 yards and a touchdown.

Both Browns quarterbacks played well against the Titans' tough defense, but RB Jamal Lewis found difficulty in the running game. Lewis had a preseason high 10 carries for just 23 yards. The Browns scored their first touchdown after the half when Brady Quinn fired a touchdown pass to WR Braylon Edwards, who did not have a drop in the game. Shortly after that, LB Eric Barton and DE Robaire Smith pressured Titans QB Vince Young, who tossed an interception to LB Alex Hall. Hall returned the pass for an easy touchdown, capping a sudden 17-0 run by the Browns.

Officially, here are the stats for the Browns quarterbacks:

Brady Quinn: 11-of-15 for 128 yards, 1 touchdown
Derek Anderson: 7-of-11 for 77 yards
Richard Bartel: 3-of-3 for 40 yards

Young rallied after that for a score, but the Browns maintained their second half efficiency on offense to hold on to the lead for the win. Stay tuned to Dawgs By Nature on Sunday for our full, in-depth recap of the game.