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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 4 - QB Position Still Open

Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini is still waiting for one of the quarterbacks to emerge over the other.
Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini is still waiting for one of the quarterbacks to emerge over the other.

Practice was closed to the public today, but the media still had the pleasure of watching and reporting on your Cleveland Browns. Here's what happened today, according to the media reports coming in...


  1. A Tale of Two Sources: Form your own conclusion on how WR Brian Robiskie did in practice today. If you read Tony Grossi's report, Robiskie dropped three balls within a five-play span. If you ask Lane Adkins, Robiskie only had one drop and nearly caught two others that were off target.
  2. Bubble Watch: For the second consecutive practice, WR Paul Hubbard made the most of his reps. Hubbard caught everything in sight, standing out amongst the crowd of receivers. The OBR notes that he has made the noticeable improvement of extending his hands for the ball rather than waiting for the ball to come to his body.
  3. Mass is Matter: It was also a great practice for WR Mohamed Massaquoi, and perhaps his best one yet. He also caught everything that was coming his way, proving to be a threat due to his speed. Massaquoi had a nice catch on a crossing route which he was then able to run past the defensive backs for a long gain.
  4. Jackson80409_medium LB D'Qwell Jackson has been a favorite of Eric Mangini, as he blankets RB Jerome Harrison here.

  5. Quinn Not Excelling: Tony Grossi had some nice statistics from today's practice as to why it's difficult to judge which quarterback truly has the upper hand in practice. Thus far, it seems to be Derek Anderson, but here's what happened today: in 3rd- and 4th-down situations, the offensive units under Anderson and Brady Quinn were each 4-of-9 with an interception. In the two-minute drill, Anderson moved the ball into field goal range with the first-team offense. Quinn, on the other hand, could not manage a first down with the second-team offense in the two-minute drill.
  6. Props to the Defensive Players: I mentioned above that each quarterback threw an interception. From what I can gather, Quinn was picked by S Abram Elam on an errant pass to TE Aaron Walker, while Anderson was picked by LB D'Qwell Jackson. It wasn't an easy play for Jackson, who made a great read, tipped the ball, and then dove to the ground for the interception. Jackson was praised by head coach Eric Mangini when talking to the media for being a leader on defense.
  7. Bad Snaps: It sounds like Alex Mack has had some trouble getting through multiple practices without a bad snap. I'm sure he'll have plenty of time to correct that before the regular season though.
  8. Rogers Motoring Again: Big Baby Shaun Rogers was back at work today, proving to be a powerhouse on the defensive line once again. He did have to run a lap though, something that deemed as him looking like he "virtually tip-toed around the outskirts of the field drawing both applause and laughs from individuals in attendance".
  9. Massaquoi80409_medium WR Mohamed Massaquoi shouldn't have any problems locking up a roster spot.
  10. Backup Corners: The OBR today pointed out that backup cornerbacks Roderick Hood and Corey Ivy have been providing stable coverage. I presume that means they are better than the Terry Cousin's of the NFL. I haven't heard any updates on CB Hank Poteat yet, and the news on rookie CB Coye Francies has been limited.
  11. Robaire Still Holding Up: Adkins also reports that Robaire Smith continues to look strong in practice, including having a few "epic" battles with LT Joe Thomas.
  12. Cribbs Not Returning Kicks: On kickoffs, Joshua Cribbs took a break from returning the ball in practice and just worked on being on the coverage team. Instead, WR Syndric Steptoe and WR Jordan Norwood handled kickoffs.
  13. Mangini Practices "Icing": Coach Mangini needs to practice too. When Phil Dawson lined up for  a 47-yard field goal, he drilled it. However, the kick was negated since Mangini called a timeout just before the snap. Dawson missed the second attempt wide left.

The Browns will practice for the public again tomorrow, with a morning session and an afternoon session. I might be a little late on the morning report tomorrow, meaning the evening recap might not come until some time Thursday.

Also, from the Official Team Site:

SIRIUS NFL radio, a 24-hour NFL talk channel, will be visiting camp with Tim Ryan, a former NFL defensive lineman, and former front office executive Pat Kirwan, hosting "Movin' The Chains" on SIRIUS channel 124 from 3-7 p.m.

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