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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 5 (Morning) - Braylon Edwards Returns

Cleveland Browns WR Braylon Edwards made his debut in training camp on Day 5. He didn't disappoint.
Cleveland Browns WR Braylon Edwards made his debut in training camp on Day 5. He didn't disappoint.

After missing the first four days of training camp with an "undisclosed" injury, Cleveland Browns WR Braylon Edwards returned to the team for Day 5 of training camp. Did he make an impact during his first practice session since last year?


  1. All Eyes on No. 17: You couldn't help but notice the Browns' No. 1 receiver back on the field. Assuming everything goes right, this is encouraging news that he should be able to participate in the preseason games. It also gave Eric Mangini some time to look at some of the value we can get from the other receivers on the roster this season. Edwards looked good in his first practice, and also had the catch of the day. On a pass to the left corner of the end zone from QB Derek Anderson, Edwards peeled the ball off of the helmet of CB Gerard Lawson for a touchdown.
  2. Doerschuk on Edwards: Usually I leave the links for the bottom of these posts, but I'll cite this one here. In the link, Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository has a nice small blog on how things looked to be fine between Mangini and Edwards.
  3. Ryan80509_medium Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and his father, Buddy Ryan, evaluating the defense.

  4. Goal Line Drill for Quinn: Today, the team ran goal line drills, and Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer gave the details for each QB. First, let's start with Quinn, who worked with the first team. The first two plays saw Jamal Lewis get stuffed. On the third play, Quinn ran a playaction fake and lofted the ball to FB Lawrence Vickers for a touchdown.
  5. Goal Line Drill for Anderson: Anderson had to work with the second team offense. On the first play, Anderson scored on a bootleg touchdown run. On the second play, RB James Davis was stopped by a swarm of defenders. Finally, Anderson was sacked on a rollout on the third play by DL Corey Williams. There might have been more goal line drills for both quarterbacks.
  6. Wimbley at Tight End? During Anderson's drill, Grossi noted that LB Kamerion Wimbley lined up at tight end on the play Davis ran on.
  7. Lawson's Roster Chances: Doerschuk believes that second-year CB Gerard Lawson has a good shot at making the team. Not because he is a good cornerback, but because he is the "fastest player on the team" and is good on special teams.
  8. Mack With the Pancake: It happens. The OBR reports that C Alex Mack was able to pancake DT Shaun Rogers. Daniel Wolf of Dawg Scooper notes that Rogers manhandled Mack on more than one occasion, and believes the rookie still has quite a bit of work to do.
  9. Mcdonald80509_medium CB Brandon McDonald breaks up a pass for WR Jordan Norwood.
  10. Robiskie's Reps Lessened: Grossi noticed that the reps of WR Mohamed Massaquoi and WR Paul Hubbard seemed to increase, while the reps of WR Brian Robiskie decreased. Quinn was intercepted by DB Coye Francies when a ball bounced off of Massaquoi as he was going to the ground for the catch.
  11. Low Key on Harrison: This has not been the "pimpage" camp for Jerome Harrison. Wolf also noted that Harrison had a few short gains, while RB James Davis continued to excel.
  12. Still Nothing Special: The quarterbacks still aren't showing anything that makes fans go "wow, this guy is really good". Maybe the return of a star receiver in Edwards will help the quarterbacks due to the spectacular plays he can make. If one quarterback was to be favored in that aspect though, I think it would be Anderson.

The Browns will be featured on Sirius NFL Radio from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. Unfortunately, I won't be able to give live play-by-play of the segments like I have the past two years. The team will be having their evening session later tonight. Be sure to check out Dawg Scooper's thoughts again -- another good, personable read.

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