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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 5 (Evening) - "One Second Left" Drills

For this morning's Day 5 training camp recap, click here. The news coming in was more low-key for the evening session, so bare with me as I scrape the bottom of the barrel for some notes, as the team was not in pads. For the evening practice, Derek Anderson was working with the first-team offense.


  1. Game Specific Situations: The Plain Dealer reports that much of the evening's practice was devoted to special game situations, such as a needing a Hail Mary pass or executing a touchdown with one second left on the clock. The notes on the drills below all come from the Plain Dealer's report here.
  2. Drill One - At the Five: Both quarterbacks started at the five-yard line on fourth-down with one second left. Derek Anderson connected with WR Mike Furrey over DB Corey Ivy, and Brady Quinn hit TE Martin Rucker for a touchdown.
  3. Drill Two - From the 35: Same drill, longer distance. Anderson's pass was knocked away by S Brodney Pool, and Quinn's pass fell incomplete too.
  4. Drill Three - From the 45: This is more so the Hail Mary range. Anderson was intercepted by Pool this time, while Quinn's pass was knocked away by S Hamza Abdullah.
  5. Injury Updates: Add two new players to the "sitting out list" -- S Mike Adams and WR David Patten. No word on the status of either player. FB Charles Ali and CB Don Carey continue to sit out.
  6. Surprise Linebacker? This was probably from the morning practice, but the OBR mentioned that second-year LB Titus Brown has been having a fine camp, and even saw some work with the first-team defense.
  7. Quinn Underthrows Edwards: Steve Doerschuk's piece on the evening session talks mainly about a play in which Quinn underthrew WR Braylon Edwards on a deep ball. Edwards had beaten DB Coye Francies, but he had to wait for the ball to come to him. Francies was flagged for interference on the play, but it led to some more questions about Quinn's ability to throw the deep ball well enough.
  8. Speaking of Edwards: Our beloved No. 1 receiver was just that -- a No. 1 receiver in his own league. It doesn't sound like he had a single drop in either practice, but then again he lit it up in training camp last year too.
  9. Anderson Holding On Too Long? A user from Dawg Talkers who went to the practice commented that he believed Anderson was holding onto the ball way too long on too many plays, saying that if it were a live game, Anderson would consistently be getting sacked. Another fan saw the same thing over at The Browns Board.
  10. Veteran Advice: As WR Brian Robiskie came off the field for a play, veteran WR Mike Furrey offered him some advice on his footwork.
  11. Punt Block Drill: A fan over at The Browns Board commented on something surprising in punting drills; Dave Zastudil was punting the ball, and the punt block team was going all out to block the punt, which they did. It was a surprise in the sense that this is a situation where you can kill your punter if you hit him the wrong way on the foot/leg.
  12. Brownies: CB Eric Wright had an interception on Quinn, and also had a great blitz that would have killed Anderson in a live game...RB Jerome Harrison broke free for a nice run...WR Jordan Norwood put a good fake on CB Brandon McDonald in one-on-one drills to grab a pass...TE Martin Rucker had a play where he caught it over the middle and broke free...WR Paul Hubbard had a few drops, but doesn't look completely lost.

Well, I guess I did find some more reports than I thought I would, but I still scraped the bottom of the barrel. The Browns will take the field for one afternoon session Thursday.

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