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Predict the Season's First Offenive Play and Defensive Tackle

It's always fun to do this before every season, so let's get right to it. What do you think the Cleveland Browns first offensive play will be?

Usually, it's common to project a running play. But, since we're facing the unstoppable Minnesota Vikings run defense, perhaps that will cause many of you to stray from the norm. The person who correctly projects the first play (or comes closest to it) gets Brownie points (a.k.a bragging rights).

Try to be as specific as you can with your plays. Don't just say "pass play" or "run play". Instead, say "Quinn throws a slant route to Edwards for 7 yards" or "Jamal Lewis runs right side and gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage." You can also predict incompletions, interceptions, fumbles, touchdowns, and even a safety if you really think that'll happen on the first offensive play!

Predicting the first defensive play is much more obscure, so let's make it simplier for that category -- project who you think will make the team's first tackle that does not come on special teams or a returned interception/fumble.

Here is a template you can copy and paste if you wish:

First Offensive Play:
First Defensive Tackle:

I'll make mine first...

First Offensive Play: Brady Quinn playaction fakes, then passes to Robert Royal on a crossing route to the left for a gain of six yards.
First Defensive Tackle: D'Qwell Jackson