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Time to Vent: What are the Browns Doing, Eric Mangini?

We are two weeks into the Eric Mangini era. Let's take a look as to how Mangini has fared compared to other candidates the Browns were initially interested in:

  1. Rex Ryan (NYJ): 2-0, wins over Houston and New England
  2. Josh McDaniels (DEN): 2-0, wins over Cincinnati and Cleveland
  3. Jim Schwartz (DET): 0-2, losses to New Orleans and Minnesota
  4. Eric Mangini (CLE): 0-2, losses to Minnesota and Denver
  5. Bill Cowher (CBS): Wondering if we'll still call him next year

It's not all about the record though; it's about at least showing something new that will be brought to the table. We saw some positive signs during the preseason, but we've seen the same story two weeks in a row during the regular season:

  1. Good defensive first half
  2. Horrible defensive second half
  3. Horrible play from Brady Quinn
  4. Horrible playcalling from Brian Daboll
  5. Good special teams play throughout
  6. Final result: a blowout for the opposite, coupled with highlight reel plays at the end of the game

If you weren't getting irritated every time the cameras flashed to Mangini yesterday with his hands folded, his mouth chewing gum, and his hat slowly turning C.C. Sabathia style as the game progressed with no signs of life on the offensive side of the ball, then I don't know how you held it all in.

I can live with expectations being low, but I can't stand for seeing an offensive gameplan that wasn't even creative enough to be drawn up in the sand. Who is next? Oh, that's right -- the Baltimore Ravens. That should be fun. Feel free to vent all of your frustrations through the first two weeks of the season in this thread. Everything is open this time around -- if you want to tell Mangini to screw off, go ahead. Just don't go too overboard, of course.

The game recap of the Browns/Broncos contest will be up later tonight or tomorrow.