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Harrison's Opportunity, Hazing Francies, and Ryan's Confession

Spirits among Browns fans aren't very high heading into Ravens week, and it's only Week 3. Until our offense begins to show any signs of life, the expectations are going to be pretty darn low heading into any of our games.

There is something to get excited about this week (cue the laughs), and that is the possibility of RB Jerome Harrison getting the start against the Ravens. RB James Davis might be available but is still a little banged up. Starter Jamal Lewis is pretty much doubtful after sitting out his third straight day of practice. If there's anything worse than a slow Jamal Lewis, it's an injured Jamal Lewis.

Harrison himself cannot cure the Browns' offensive woes. However, if Brian Daboll manages to put his first respectable gameplan together, seeing Harrison as the starter will be something that has been several years in the making.

Coye Francies Gets Hazed

I guess the Browns' veteran secondary found it funny to haze rookie Coye Francies, as he entered the locker room dropping wet Friday. He didn't go down quietly though. He stormed in and threw a bucket of ice at Brandon McDonald, before firing some punches at S Abram Elam. After DL Shaun Rogers grabbed Francies though, it sounds like Francies decided (wisely) not to resist. Afterward, everyone seemed to be fine and just put the incident off as "just boys having some fun."

Francies is an aggressive player on the field too -- perhaps he's trying to do anything he can to show the coaching staff why he should get a shot at more playing time over Hank Poteat.

Rob Ryan's Confession

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had an interesting take on the game-changer against the Denver Broncos, according to the OBR:

TAKING THE RAP: Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan took full blame for the club’s 27-6 loss to the Denver Broncos last Sunday. With the Browns trailing just 13-6 in the opening moments of the fourth quarter and the Broncos facing a second-and-eight at their 49, Ryan said he got frustrated and tried to force a big play by calling for a maximum blitz. Denver picked it up and Kyle Orton threw a 49-yard pass to wide receiver Jabbar Gaffney, who had just single coverage. The Broncos scored on a two-yard run on the next play to go up 20-6, and the Browns never really recovered.

"I screwed up," he said. "Everybody saw it. I’m not going to hide. I’ve never been one to hide. It’s a call a junior high coach would know better than to make." Said offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who followed Ryan to the podium, "Rob’s an accountable guy, but when you don’t win, we’re all accountable." It’s also a good bet that Mangini really chewed out Ryan for the call, just as Belichick used to chew him out when he made the wrong call at New England.

New Kicker?

All of a sudden, K Phil Dawson is listed as questionable with a right calf injury. I guess that explains why the team brought in veteran kickers Shane Andrus, Matt Bryant, Brandon Coutu and Billy Cundiff on Friday for work outs.