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Post-Game Thread: Browns Remain Clueless, Lose 34-3 to Ravens

I thought we were a pathetic-looking team last year when Ken Dorsey was under center. What we've seen the past three weeks shows that this team is clearly trying to top that.

Overall, it was as bad of a football game as you could get. What little signs of life we saw from the defense over the first two weeks of the season was removed this week. Returning were the missed tackles, the wide open throws over the middle after little pressure, and the lack of an ability to capitalize on third-and-long situations.

On offense, Brady Quinn still didn't have any idea what to do in the offense and was benched at half-time for Derek Anderson, because there is nothing funner in the NFL than an 0-3 team having a quarterback controversy after having supposedly "resolved" the situation heading into Week 1.

Which quarterback gives us the best chance to win? Right now, it's probably Anderson. He looked foolish for throwing three interceptions, but even he would not have made some of those throws if we hadn't been down by so many points in the first place. He at least showed the willingness to move the ball down the field. I'd rather take the chance of getting picked off than conceding in a sack and punt every single possession.

Look at the bright side of things -- at least we're not the only team in the 0-3 boat. The Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs are among the winless teams.

I'll have my full analysis of the game in a day or so.