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Quinn to Stay Benched, Derek Anderson Named Starting QB

Derek Anderson could have given up hope in the offseason that he would never start for the Cleveland Browns again. Instead, he hung in there, thanks to the "shot" that Eric Mangini offered him. Four weeks into the NFL season, Derek Anderson is once again the starting quarterback of the Browns. In that one sentence, there is both misery and a touch of joy.

"Giving Derek the opportunity is something I think will help us offensively,'' stated Mangini. "I'm not saying it's all Brady. Derek did some things that were positive and that's what it's based on.''

This is a tough situation as a fan. I want to win, and right now, I believe Anderson can at least attempt to move the ball better than Quinn has been doing solely because he is willing to gun it down the field. However, Brady Quinn still has not received a fair shot to grow like many other quarterbacks have received, and if he is our long-term answer, he should be playing.

Here's an interesting note though: if the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to struggle and lose to the San Diego Chargers this week, and then the Browns are able to somehow beat the Bengals at home, guess who would be in the cellar of the division? Not us.