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Things That Make You Go "Hmmm" -- Browns Claim RB Cedric Peerman, OT Phil Trautwein, CB DeAngelo Smith

The Cleveland Browns trimmed their roster down to 52 players Saturday, giving them one free spot to add a player off of waivers.

Today, the team added three players:

  • RB Cedric Peerman: Peerman was a sixth-round draft choice by the Baltimore Ravens this year. He has good speed (4.45) and is a threat as a receiver as well.
  • RT Phil Trautwein: He will be our backup right tackle for the time being. He was an undrafted free agent in camp with the St. Louis Rams.
  • CB DeAngelo Smith: The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that we signed Smith, a fifth round pick this year of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Browns' roster is now at 55 players, so two players will have to be cut. Chances are it won't be an offensive lineman -- could it possibly be a running back? I'd hate to see Jerome Harrison go, and if we didn't cut Jamal Lewis yesterday, why would we do it today? We should have an update soon as to how the Browns handled this situation.

EDIT: With Smith added, I'd imagine either Gerard Lawson or Bret Lockett will get the boot.