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Who Spilled the Beans on Browns Starting QB -- Terrell Owens?

Could it possibly be that Terrell Owens of all people was the first one to break the word on who the Browns starting quarterback is? On his Twitter feed not too long ago, Owens posted the following:

"Congrats 2 Brady Quinn 4 starting job w/Cleveland Browns!!"


It's easy to believe that one of the Browns players could have told Owens. With that type of information, why not unleash it? The other possibility is that Owens could have misinterpreted a few Associated Press reports that indicated that Derek Anderson might have spilled the beans.

UPDATE (3:40 PM): Shortly after Owens' tweet, Mary Cay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer posted the following:

"Brady Quinn has won the quarterback competition and will start Sunday's game against the Vikings, a league source told The Plain Dealer today."

It remains to be seen whether or not that league source is one of the Buffalo Bills starting receivers.