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2010 NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns - Undrafted Free Agent Signings

After the draft officially ends, teams can start going crazy to sign anyone that didn't get drafted. If there is a certain player that the scouting department thought was a "gem" that no one else would draft, they'll grab them right away.

Cleveland Browns 2010 NFL Draft Day 3 - Open Thread

Today is the final day of the NFL Draft, featuring Rounds 4-7. The draft should kick off at 10:00 AM Saturday morning. For reference, here are the picks the Cleveland Browns have remaining...

NFL Draft 2010: As Third Round Comes to a Close, Cleveland Browns Take OG Shawn Lauvao

If Lauvao ends up panning out at right guard in the future, maybe we go after a right tackle in next year's draft.

NFL Draft 2010: Patience Pays Off? Cleveland Browns Draft Colt McCoy in 3rd Round

With his Texas coach announcing the pick, with the 85th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Browns selected McCoy. Browns fans live at the event jumped for joy, and most fans here on Dawgs By Nature could barely contain themselves.

Cleveland Browns 2010 NFL Draft Day 2 - Open Thread (Part 3)

This draft thread is for the discussion of round three. After the Browns traded up into the second round to draft Hardesty, here are the two remaining picks the Cleveland Browns have in the third round:

NFL Draft 2010: Cleveland Browns Trade Up to No. 59 for RB Montario Hardesty

The Cleveland Browns traded up to get back into the second round at the 59th overall pick. As soon as the deal was made, everyone thought it would be Colt McCoy. However, instead we were thrown a curveball when the front office took Tennessee RB Montario Hardesty.

Cleveland Browns 2010 NFL Draft Day 2 - Open Thread (Part 2)

NFL Draft 2010: In a Surprise, Cleveland Browns Draft Safety T.J. Ward at No. 38

This is the type of pick that elicits a "what the heck?" reaction as soon as the name is announced. It might be a reach, but because the pick was not made in the first round, it's the type of deal I think we can live with.

Cleveland Browns 2010 NFL Draft Day 2 - Open Thread

It's Day 2 of the 2010 NFL Draft, and after going through the motions of round 1 last night, it's time for the Cleveland Browns to tackle rounds 2-3. This is where Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert need to make their biggest splash.

2010 NFL Draft Day One Recap and Day Two look ahead for the Cleveland Browns

What happened in day one and what to look for early in Day 2 of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Cleveland Browns 2010 NFL Draft Day 1 - Open Thread (Part 2)

React to the first round of the draft so far, which included the Browns drafting CB Joe Haden.

NFL Draft 2010: Cleveland Browns Draft CB Joe Haden at No. 7

Most Cleveland fans have to be disappointed that the Kansas City Chiefs went ahead and drafted S Eric Berry with the fifth overall pick in the draft.

NFL Draft 2010: Mike Holmgren Betting All Picks for QB Sam Bradford?

It sounds suspicious at first, but Smith appears to have direct quotes from Mike Holmgren.