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2010 Cleveland Brown Resolutions

Every year we all do it. 

I will go on a diet.

I will quit smoking.

I will quit stalking Erik Estrada.

Maybe your list is a little different than mine.

What would your list look like if it was for the Cleveland Browns?

Put yourself in the shoes of Mike Holmgren.  What would be your goals for the year 2010?  What moves would you like to make?  

1.  Decide on a HC.  Fire Brian Daboll no matter what.

This really needs no explanation.

2.  Draft an offensive lineman in the first or second round.  

I don't care if it is Okung in the first or Iupti in the second.  Address the O-Line in early in every draft.

3.  Do NOT draft a QB or RB in the first round.

Again, I think we have discussed this enough.

4.  Don't draft Ndamukong Suh.

Stay with me for a second.  I am by no means saying that Suh is not a monster.  He may be the greatest DT to come into the NFL since Warren Sapp.  But this is my thinking.  DT is probably the deepest position in this draft.  If Suh is available at 5 (or wherever we pick) I think we would be able to trade down.  Think of the Glen Dorsey draft a couple of seasons ago.  The Saints offered two firsts and Jamal Brown for the Chiefs pick.  We could get a haul for the chance to take Suh.  Give me more picks and lesser DT if the new regime thinks it is a need.

5.  Sign, or draft, an impact DB.

Eric Wright needs some help.  Drafting Eric Berry would be sweet.  Signing Nick Collins of Green Bay and drafting Joe Haden would be even better.

6.  Pay Josh Cribbs.

Seriously.  Now.

7.  Do not sign Shawne Merriman.

He is a sexy name that has been garbage for two seasons now.  He will be brought up on every radio show and article as a possibility for any 3-4 team.  Please, ignore him.

8.  Bring in a WR to help the kids.

Not an expensive one.  Malcom Floyd.  Jason Avant.  Devone Bess.  Mark Clayton.  Steve Breaston may too pricey.  They don't have to be a number one WR, just another body to add into the mix.  I really like Malcom Floyd.  I think he has a real chance to bloom into a WR1 down the road.

9.  Hire Mike Mayock as GM.

Screw you Kiper.

10.  Don't be afraid to trade into next seasons draft.

I really wish we did this more.  Trade a 5th this season for a 4th next year.  We are not going to keep 11 rookies on next years team.  Don't waste those picks, roll them over.  There are a few teams that do this every year (Pats, Eagles) we need to be one of them.  Here is a great read on how the Eagles have mastered this (starts half way down).  Please, make this happen.

What do you think the Browns 2010 resolutions should be?