Browns 2010 Draft - Top 5 Needs

I thought it might be a good idea to approach the draft from a "needs" standpoint. We've had a couple of draft threads and it is great to see the comments on various players coming into the draft. I've definitely seen a few unfamiliar names who look pretty good.

At some point in the process of creating a prioritized list of players in the draft, I hope the Browns look at holes in their talent pool and try to address them through the draft. I think the draft should be a synthesis of best-player-available (BPA) and needs of the team. So I think it might be a good idea to start with what everyone thinks are the Browns' top 5 needs on the team.

For ground rules I think everyone that posts should not just snipe at the other guy's list but also make one of their own. Also don't get sidetracked by which position should be drafted in which round, etc... this has nothing to do with that. This is just "What are the top 5 needs of the Cleveland Browns?" Prioritize your list and give a few reasons why you think these are the most important. Here is mine:

1. Quarterback - I believe this position to be one of if not THE most important position on a championship team. It takes time to develop and time to determine IF the one you have (especially a rookie) can be developed. Right now I do not believe we have a quarterback that can get the job done so this has to be addressed sooner rather than later.

2. Right Tackle - We have the beginning of a great O-line. A premiere RT would cement this unit which would make all the rest of the players on offense look better including the QB and RB.

3. Cornerback - We were burnt deep with opposing receivers wide-open time and time again this year. We need more speed at this position.

4. Running Back - Given that the offense was the worst in the league, I see offensive positions (skill and otherwise) as priorities. Provided we accept Harrison as the smaller speed back (and I have no reason not to at this point), I see the need here to be more of a sizable power running back.

5. Linebacker - I probably should be more specific about inside/outside but whatever the case may be we need some linebackers that can pass defend. We need more speed at this position if we are going to run a 3-4. Teams were ripping us up in the passing game all season long.

Note that I'm not saying this is the order in which the Browns should pick up players in the draft but the needs should inform the choices.

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