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Friday Browns Notes: Rob Ryan's Interest in Oakland

Yesterday, I fielded suggestions on what you would like this daily feature of news and nuggets to be titled. The most popular suggestions are listed in the poll attached to this post; please vote for your favorite. While I can't guarantee that the highest vote-getter will be chosen, it will factor into my decision nonetheless.

Rob Ryan Leaving Cleveland?

I wouldn't worry much, folks -- I don't think he'll be leaving the Cleveland Browns this season, especially since Al Davis has yet to fire Raiders head coach Tom Cable. Understandably so, Rob Ryan would love to be a head coach in the NFL. Among Ryan's quotes in the USA Today piece...

"I will be a head coach in this league, and I will be damn successful, too."

"Hell, yeah, I'd have interest [in coaching the Raiders]," Rob says. "I haven't talked to Mr. Davis because he has a coach. Let's see what happens."

"Nothing comes easy," Rob says of his wait for an opportunity. "There are a lot of good coaches out there, but there are only so many Ryans."

Even if Cable was fired, that still doesn't mean Ryan would be guaranteed a head coaching job. Ryan interviewed for Oakland's head coaching vacancy four years ago but did not get the job.

Todd Grantham Hired at UGA

Former Browns defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has been hired by the University of Georgia as their new defensive coordinator. Grantham has been serving as an assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys, working with the team's defensive line. His only NFL experience as a defensive coordinator was with the Cleveland Browns from 2005-2007.

Scrutinizing Every Edwards Quote

Just to pull another gag here, I'll partially edit one of Braylon Edwards' most recent quotes:

"Finally that situation [referring to his court case] is behind me, so I’m able to forget about it," he said. "I’m able to fully step out of Cleveland and do everything I can as a Jet. I’m happy I can relax and just play return to dropping footballs."

NFL Divisional Playoffs Schedule

Just in case you can't remember which games are on Saturday and which games are on Sunday, here you go:

Previews of the game and my predictions will be unveiled in the open game threads Saturday and Sunday.

Partial Overhaul by Tom Heckert

Heckert dismissed the pro personnel group Thursday, spokesman Neal Gulkis said. The department was headed by senior director Steve Sabo, who had been with the Browns since 1998. Keith O’Quinn, Jim Jauch and James Kirkland were also let go. ... Heckert, Philadelphia’s former GM, is expected to bring in his own people to oversee pro personnel and scouting.

Off-Beat Notes

  • The Cavs supposedly "tanked" purposely for LeBron James: "They trade all our guys away and we go real young, and the goal was to get LeBron and also to sell the team,'' Lucas said in an interview with FanHouse. "I didn't have a chance. ... You can't fault the Cavaliers for wanting to get LeBron. It was hard to get free agents to come there.''
  • As the late-night war continues, reports surfaced yesterday that Conan O'Brien would be out as the Tonight Show host and that Jay Leno would promptly take over. Those reports have since been denied, and a decision from NBC is reportedly still pending. Until that decision comes, it's too fun listening to Conan and the non-NBC late-night hosts bash NBC and Leno.
  • Here is some footage from the Browns 1957 Championship Game between the Lions and the Browns.
  • SB Nation lists the key offseason dates for the NFL to remember.
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