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Around the Pound (1/19): Cribbs Contributed to Haiti, Alex Mack an All-Rookie

Welcome to this week's Tuesday edition of Around the Pound. Back on Sunday, the New York Jets stunned the San Diego Chargers on the road with a 17-14 victory. It was sort of a sloppy football game, but personally, it turned out to be my favorite game of the postseason thus far because it actually came down-to-the-wire and both teams played well defensively. Props to the Jets for their fine defensive effort, but I look forward to the Indianapolis Colts taking them down this Sunday.


Cribbs Providing Aid to Haiti

WR/KR Joshua Cribbs is pledging to donate $1 for every member following him on Twitter to the Haiti relief fund. Since the announcement, Cribbs' account has grown by nearly 2,000 members. At the moment, Cribbs is set to donate about $19,000. If you want that number to grow, then head over to Twitter and follow him now.

More Awards for Browns Players

In addition to their previously-announced awards, LT Joe Thomas and ST Joshua Cribbs have been named to the Pro Football Weekly/Professional Football Writers of America all-NFL team. C Alex Mack made their all-rookie NFL team.

Arrogance Continues for Edwards

As if to say "thanks for getting me out of Cleveland," even though he is contributing next-to-nothing for the Jets except their eventual demise, Jets WR Braylon Edwards "thanked" Eric Mangini for trading him earlier this season:

"I've got to go on record and thank Eric Mangini for giving me the chance to be a part of Coach Rex," said Jets receiver Braylon Edwards, who was traded in October from Mangini's Browns. "I've never in my life been a part of anything like this. I'm ecstatic. Words can't really describe how I feel. I feel as though we have the ability to go all the way."

The article makes it sound as though Edwards is being sincere, but anything this guy says is going to rub me the wrong way.

Props to Big Cat Country

Our Jacksonville Jaguars affiliate scored an interview with head coach Jack Del Rio. They are the first NFL blog to have been able to score an interview with a head coach. Unfortunately, I don't get the impression that Eric Mangini would be open to the same thing, but you never know!

Off-Beat Notes

  • Conan O'Brien is likely on his last week of The Tonight Show, and it's being reported that he'll get $32.5 million. In addition, about $7.5 million will be divided in severence pay to his staff of 200 workers. O'Brien will not be able to work until September for a competing network under the agreement, and there is likely a condition that he won't be able to bash the network either.
  • In-between the season premiere of "Human Target" and "24" on Sunday, I watched the Golden Globes. Some critics didn't like Ricky Gervais as the host, but I thought he did fine with the minimal time he was given. Props to Glee for winning the best TV comedy/musical award.
  • Jack Bauer with an axe to the chest of a bad guy as his first kill? Awesome. I liked that the four-hour season premiere was a bit toned down compared to the past three seasons. Some of the silly side-plots still exist, but overall I think it went over well. Even if it was bad, it'd be hard to get me to diss "24."
  • For those who missed it late last week, it was confirmed that Ivan Reitman will return to direct Ghostbusters 3. Reitman directed the first two Ghostbuster films, and the third one comes some 20 years later. Awesome.