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Too Funny: Braylon Edwards Disses Jets Playcalling

In the official gameday thread we had on Dawgs By Nature yesterday, a few of us joked around at what Braylon Edwards would say after "his" Jets were ousted from the postseason by the Indianapolis Colts. As arrogant and annoying as Edwards is, even I didn't expect him to turn on the Jets so quickly...

From Pro Football Talk...

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards got off to a big start on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. But after his 80-yard touchdown in the second quarter, Edwards never caught the ball again.

After the game, Edwards hinted that he wasn't pleased with the second-half play calling.

"I don't call the plays," Edwards said. "I just run them."

Edwards also said "We didn't have the same attitude" in the second half, and when reporters asked him if he felt like he wasn't used enough, he said, "I don't know. You have to interview the players and coaches. It just wasn't the same."

Both Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said they thought an appropriate number of plays were called for Edwards, although Schottenheimer added that the Colts shifted their coverage to make it harder to get Edwards open deep.

Asked if he was upset, Edwards said, "No disrespect, but you witnessed the game."

Although Braylon didn't have a huge drop, quotes like these are just as fun to see because they continue to expose Braylon's cancerous presence to a team. After New York fans start hating him, I'd love to see what excuse he and his father come up with for two vastly different cities having such hatred toward this "star" player.