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Braylon Edwards Continues to Trash Browns

When Braylon Edwards left the Cleveland Browns, guess what happened? Our record improved to 5-7 through the rest of the season. Meanwhile, the New York Jets plummeted, and just barely made the playoffs as a result of getting one of the luckiest schedule breaks in modern NFL history, with the Indianapolis Colts and the Cincinnati Bengals, two division leaders, handing them victories in the final two weeks by resting players.

With Edwards in the playoffs though, it's all about him and why he is right. Because everything is right about a receiver who has had worse drops with the Jets than he did with the Browns. In an interview on Yahoo Sports today with Jason Cole, Edwards couldn't help but trash his former team though, rather than focusing on his playoff match against the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend.

It didn’t help matters that Edwards, who became plagued with a serious case of dropped balls, had no strong desire to play in Cleveland from the start.

"I wasn’t into being there. It was a situation where, what am I supposed to do?" the Detroit native and University of Michigan alum asked rhetorically. "What am I supposed to say? ‘Damn, I got drafted here and I don’t want to play here’? It was a situation where you play the [political] game. Nobody says they don’t want to get drafted somewhere, in a situation like that. Bernie Kosar was the only one."

Edwards’ assessment of the Browns quarterback situation is even bleaker. Asked if anyone could succeed at that spot in Cleveland, he said: "No, not at all. Brady Quinn and I are real good friends and I wish the best for him. But no."

That's just a taste of what Edwards had to say. Check this out for more of Edwards' quotes if you feel like getting your blood boiling.