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Gameball of the Week: Which Browns Player Should Get It?

Which player on Eric Mangini's team deserves the game ball this week?
Which player on Eric Mangini's team deserves the game ball this week?

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I usually have a game ball ready to give to someone, but this week there were a lot of heroes in the Cleveland Browns' 30-17 win over the New Orleans Saints. Therefore, I'm going to let you guys vote on which player you think should receive the game ball. I've narrowed it down to the individuals who I think are the top four candidates; if you think it should be given to a player (coaches are not eligible) not listed, choose "other" and tell us who that player is in the comments section.

After the jump, I briefly explain why each player is a candidate in the poll. To ensure that bias is not involved in the "list" of players I am describing, I am not ranking them in order of my voting, but rather based on the traditional offense-defense position order (i.e. QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST).

  • RB Peyton Hillis - While he only had 16 carries this week, in both of the Browns' victories they have allowed Hillis to be the "closer" in the game. He had only 5 yards rushing in the second quarter and 5 yards rushing in the third quarter. When the Saints had scored a touchdown to make it 20-10 early in the fourth quarter, Cleveland needed to find a way to drain the clock.

    Not counting a penalty play, Cleveland's answer was running the ball six straight times for Hillis, who plowed through the Saints with physical running. Then, on a third down play, he threw a first-down pass across the field to Colt McCoy. Hillis also had the team's only offensive touchdown earlier in the game.

  • LB Scott Fujita - Was he a man on a mission or what? Fujita sacked Drew Brees early on and then had a pivotal interception shortly after. I wonder how much information he fed Rob Ryan, because Brees and the Saints' offense were definitely flustered.

  • LB David Bowens - Regulated to backup duties this season after arguably being the team's best linebacker last year, the veteran had two pick sixes, something a player like him can only dream of and would never actually anticipate happening.

  • P Reggie Hodges - I made so much fun of Hodges last year and ridiculed him for not falling on top of a botched snap on a punt against the Chiefs. While that play was still awful, Hodges has more than made up for it this year with his exceptional punting, and he ran 68 yards on a fake punt. I was in disbelief as he got about 15 yards down the field, but I thought he'd just stop there. Instead, he kept going...and going...and going...

Let us know who you picked and why!