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DBN Picks Contest -- Week 8

Last week, while members of this community were having a discussion about how we could get more content on this blog, I thought of the idea of having a picks contest for the NFL games every weekend.  I've seen other blogs do something similar so I thought it would be a fun way to get discussions going about other game and compete with each other.  And what better time to get start then the weekend of the Browns' bye when we don't have a game to talk about for our team? 

I've posted my picks along with a comment for each game after the jump.  Please post your picks in the comments section and I'll keep a total for everyone throughout the season.  You must post your picks by noon on Sunday to be eligible.  The person with the best record at the end of the season will get a free Tim Couch jersey.

Dolphins (3-3) at Bengals (2-4)

The Dolphins, oddly, are a perfect 3-0 on the road this season but are 0-3 at home.  This game is in Cincy so that seems to bode well for Miami, but the Bengals need this win if they want to keep any hope alive for making a playoff run so I see them pulling off this victory.

PICK:  Bengals

Jaguars (3-4) at Cowboys (1-5)

Everyone in the country keeps waiting for the Cowboys to start playing like the Super Bowl contender that they were supposed to be coming in to this season but it hasn't happened yet, and now they're without Tony Romo for the next two months so they've got (mostly) career backup John Kitna starting at quarterback.  But Dallas has scored more points per game than the Jags and given up less, so I'm taking Dallas in this one to keep their slim playoff hopes alive (and the NFC sucks so they're not out of the playoff race yet).

PICK:  Cowboys

Redskins (4-3) at Lions (1-5)

Matthew Stafford returns for the Lions and he faces the NFC's lowest ranked defense, so put me down for the Lions in the upset.

PICK:  Lions

Bills (0-6) at Chiefs (4-2)

The Bills suck but they almost beat Baltimore last Sunday and their offense has been playing well since Ryan Fitzpatrick took over at quarterback.  But their defense is awful so I don't see them beating a much-improved KC team.

PICK: Chiefs

Panthers (1-5) at Rams (3-4)

The Rams are a very impressive 3-1 at home so far this season and #1 pick Sam Bradford has played well at quarterback (for a rookie on a team with very few weapons at WR) so I'm going with the Rams.

PICK:  Rams

Packers (4-3) at Jets (5-1)

One of the best games of the day features two teams many people picked as Super Bowl contenders coming in to this season.  But Green Bay is riddled with injuries so I don't see them winning this one in New York.  Also, Tomlinson isn't done yet.

PICK:  Jets

Broncos (2-5) vs. 49ers (1-6) (in London)

I'm sure the British are really excited about this matchup - the disappointing Niners against a team that just got spanked by the RaidersTroy Smith is starting his for game for the 49ers so this will be a chance to see a guy that many Browns fans were interested in bringing to Cleveland this offseason.  I think Smith can play well so I'll go with San Francisco.

PICK:  49ers

Titans (5-2) at Chargers (2-5)

I'm not sure how it's possible, but the Chargers are #1 in the NFL in total offense and total defense and have outscored their opponents by an average of 4 points per game . . . and yet are just 2-5.  That just goes to show that yards per game can be overrated as a team statistic, and also that turnovers kill (they have an AFC-leading 18 turnovers).  Kerry Collins started for the Titans last week and Vince Young is day-to-day, so I'll take San Diego in a game they must win to keep close in the AFC West (and if you think they can't still win the AFC West then you haven't been paying attention to the Chargers the past few years).

PICK:  Chargers

Seahawks (4-2) at Raiders (3-4)

The Raiders come off a thrashing of Denver (and Darren McFadden singlehandedly won a fantasy matchup for me) to face a surprising Seahawks team leading the awful NFC West.  I guess I'll take the Raiders in the hopes that McFadden goes off again.

PICK:  Raiders

Vikings (2-4) at Patriots (5-1)

In case you hadn't heard, Brett Favre has an injured ankle and might not play.  Randy Moss is also making his return to Foxboro, but I don't see the Vikings having enough to win there.

PICK:  Patriots

Bucs (4-2) at Cardinals (3-3)

According to their coach, Tampa Bay is the best team in the NFC but I don't think anyone outside of Florida believes that.  Derek Anderson took over for Max Hall in Arizona's game last week after Hall got a concussion and he might start again this week, so I'm not sure if I trust him enough to beat the Bucs.  But Tampa isn't that good, so I'm taking Arizona at home.  Hopefully Beanie Wells will start running like many expected before this season.

PICK:  Cardinals

Steelers (5-1) at Saints (4-3)

The Saints are going to be very angry coming off their poor performance against our beloved Browns last Sunday, so hopefully they can take out their frustrations on the Steelers.  I'm not sure if this pick is more with my heart or my head, but I'm taking New Orleans.

PICK:  Saints

Texans (4-2) at Colts (4-2)

Houston got only its second victory of all time against Indy in week one, but I don't see them doing it again on the road Monday night.  The Colts need to win to avoid starting 0-3 in the division and I don't see Peyton Manning letting his team lost this game.

PICK:  Colts