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Captain Of The Tailgate: Brutal Weather Conditions?

In a promotion that we'll be running every Friday for the next several weeks, we'll ask you to share some of your tailgating experiences. It's preferred that your experiences be related to Cleveland Browns football (i.e. the Muni Lot), but you're also free to share experiences from other NFL cities or college games.

Topics over the next several weeks might include things like your favorite tailgating food/drinks, festivities, set-ups, etc. Therefore, please try not to spill your guts on every possible tailgating topic you can think of this week, otherwise you won't feel like responding in the following weeks!

After this promotion is over, I'd like to make one final post that combines the best stories/comments/opinions on each topic. In the future, fans who visit the stadium will be able to use this as a guide of sorts to prepare for their tailgating experience. If there are any comments you think are suitable for the "final" post, please "rec" them to make them go green.

Today's topic is "Brutal Weather Conditions." The weather is starting to turn chilly in Northeastern Ohio, and I'm sure many of you have been out in the high winds, the torrential rain, or the blizzard-like snow conditions. Tell us about some of the roughest weather conditions you've had to deal with while tailgating. Did the weather cause you not to tailgate? Did you have to dress up in fifty layers of clothing, or were you the fool who went bare chest? Was an all-out snowball fight ever started? Sound off with your experiences below!