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DBN Fantasy Football League: October Update

We're at the halfway point in the Official Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League, and right now everything still seems like a tight race. After the draft, I felt some times had a slight advantage, but overall it seemed like everyone made smart choices for the picks they had (it also helped that everyone attended the draft).

If you are in the Official DBN League, use this post to sort of reflect on how you think your team has done in the comments section. If there are any trades you are interested in making, use this to form a dialogue between you and your competitors.

  • QB: Tom Brady wasn't a bad choice, and while he's been efficient for the Patriots, he hasn't been a great option for fantasy players. Randy Moss leaving was an even bigger blow to his potential production. I still have confidence in Brady, but it's gotten to the point where I'm considering other options -- I signed Jon Kitna this week because I like his matchup against the Jaguars' defense. I might start him over Brady.
  • RB: This is the position that has hurt me the most. Ever since Clinton Portis' injury, I've been lost at my second running back position. Also, Maurice-Jones Drew, a player I didn't want to draft but I felt I had to draft given the pick I had, hasn't taken off yet. I got fortunate to pick up Marshawn Lynch recently, but before that I was shuffling between backup running backs who never ended up producing when I started them.
  • WR: I feel like I'm stacked at this position still with Miles Austin and Chad Ochocinco, both of whom have had select big weeks. Steve Breaston was productive to start the season, so I was bummed when he got injured.
  • TE: Antonio Gates was my best pick of the draft by far. He has been amazing this season.
  • K: I've shuffled between about four kickers already.
  • DEF: Having the Ravens and the Steelers still allows me to play the matchup game week by week, but I've been favoring the Steelers' defense lately.


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