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Captain of the Tailgate: Memorable or Common Festivities

In a series of tailgating-related posts that we started a couple weeks ago, we asked for your memorable moments in brutal weather conditions, your favorite tailgating food, and then how you've dealt with enemy encounters.

This week, we go to a very broad topic in the spectrum of tailgating: festivities. Basically, what general-purpose activities have you done or seen others do in the tailgate lot? If you aren't sure what I'm referring to still, I'm talking about...

  • Throwing a football around or through a hole in a fake well.
  • Checking out someone's bus in all Browns colors.
  • Dressed in a ridiculous amount of Browns gear from head to toe.
  • Putting on a certain type of music.
  • Any contests that might have been done, or if you were featured on TV (i.e. Tailgate 19).

Let us know!