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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Weather Report for Browns vs. Jaguars

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In a new weekly feature that we'll be doing on Sunday mornings before the end of the season, we'll take a quick look at the weather forecast for this week's game.

This week, with the Browns traveling to Jacksonville, there's no need to worry about cold temperatures. Temperatures are expected to be in the low 70's with a 10% chance of rain. The wind is blowing 7 MPH going toward the northwest in the stadium, so wind isn't expected to play much of a factor either.

Other quick hitters before today's game: Joshua Cribbs and Mike Adams are out, and Jake Delhomme will be the team's third quarterback this week. For the Jaguars, Mike Sims-Walker is doubtful. Not having him in the lineup would be a huge advantage for Cleveland's secondary, as Jacksonville doesn't have many proven threats at wide receiver beyond their top two players. The official game thread kicks off at 11:00 AM right here on Dawgs By Nature.

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