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Instant Recap: Browns Force Six Turnovers, and Still Lose

The Jaguars have played some unusual games this year. That was no different this week, as their offense turned the ball over six times. Based on that stat line, this should have been a "blowout loss" for Jacksonville.

Somehow, our offense was so inept in the second half off of a turnovers. In a game in which getting first downs should not have been an issue, Cleveland couldn't do anything with the football. Here is what happened during a painful stretch in the second half:

  • T.J. Ward interception, Browns start 48 yards away from the end zone. Three and out, punt.
  • Joe Haden interception, Browns start 19 yards away from the end zone. Three and out, field goal.
  • Chris Cogong fumble, Browns start 57 yards away from the end zone. Three and out, punt.
  • T.J. Ward interception, Browns start 35 yards away from the end zone. Three and out, field goal miss.

How much more could you ask from the defense? They forced all of those turnovers in a row, only for the offense to take no time off the clock and only get a total of three points. On the Jaguars' next drive, they finally got things together for a game-tying touchdown drive. The Browns' offense finally made a big play on their next drive thanks to Evan Moore, but still couldn't pick up enough first downs to ice the game and had to settle for a go-ahead field goal with lots of time left on the clock.

On the Jaguars' next series, the Browns' defense inexplicably gave up a 75-yard screen pass to Maurice Jones-Drew. The Browns had several defensive players with a chance to stop him before he got going, but they missed the tackle. It set up a Jaguars touchdown, and with no timeouts left, Cleveland's offense didn't have time to muster a touchdown-scoring drive.

This was the Browns' worst game of the season. The defense gave a good effort with their stretch of turnovers, but to let Jones-Drew get away at the end was vintage Browns, and not in a good way. The offense's inability to move the football in the second half had me feeling down as we entered the fourth quarter. I never felt confident with the fourth quarter lead, and sure enough, the Jaguars' two touchdowns in the final four minutes paved the way to a Jaguar win.

At 3-7, Cleveland still has a favorable schedule coming up, but this was the type of game I expected the Browns to win big. Usually, you don't like to say "the Browns should have won" after a loss, because a loss is a loss. But, when you have a 6:0 turnover ratio for most of the game, you definitely should have won. Unbelievable.