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DBN Picks Contest -- Week 12

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Last week was a good week for almost everyone as there were many matchups that seemed one-sided.  davus finished with the best record at 13-2 (since he forgot to pick one game) while a couple others went 13-3.  My record from last weekend was 12-4 which makes me 37-19 for the season.  You can go here to see last week's picks.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving we have three Thursday games this week.  I'll pick those games now and list the rest of the games after the jump and enter my picks for those games later.

Patriots (8-2) at Lions (2-8)

The Patriots face the Lions in the first of three Thanksgiving games which all seem lopsided if you look at the records of each team in the matchup.  The Patriots just had big wins in back-to-back weeks against the Colts and Steelers so this game on a short week brings the opportunity for a letdown, but I don't see that happening here.  The Patriots already had a letdown against the Browns in a game they probably thought they'd win easily so I don't think they'll let that happen again.  I see New England winning big in this one.

PICK:  Lions

Saints (7-3) at Cowboys (3-7)

The Cowboys have won two straight games under Jason Garrett and are finally playing like the team many expected coming in to this season.  They finally got their running game going and rookie WR Dez Bryant looks like a future star.  But the Saints are also on a hot streak, having won 4 of their last 5 after a shaky start, and they may get Reggie Bush back for this game.  This has the makings of a very entertaining game, most likely the best one of the day, and I'll take the Cowboys at home in the upset here.

PICK:  Cowboys

Jets (8-2) at Bengals (2-8)

The Bengals continued their losing streak last week by blowing a big halftime lead against the lowly Bills and now face the streaking Jets, who pulled off another last-second win on Sunday.  This game also has all the makings of a blowout on paper, but I don't think that will happen.  I see the Bengals keeping it close but not quite enough to pull off a victory, so I'll take the Jets in this game.

PICK:  Jets

 Panthers (1-9) at Browns (3-7)

Steelers (7-3) at Bills (2-8)

Packers (7-3) at Falcons (8-2)

Jaguars (6-4) at Giants (6-4)

Vikings (3-7) at Redskins (5-5)

Titans (5-5) at Texans (4-6)

Dolphins (5-5) at Raiders (5-5)

Chiefs (6-4) at Seahawks (5-5)

Eagles (7-3) at Bears (7-3)

Rams (4-6) at Broncos (3-7)

Bucs (7-3) at Ravens (7-3)

Chargers (5-5) at Colts (6-4)

49ers (3-7) at Cardinals (3-7)