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DBN Fantasy Football League: November Update

There is one game left in the regular season of the Official Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League. Unfortunately, my reign as the two year regular season champion will end, and chances are that I will fail to make the playoffs. Our league is structured so that the playoffs take place Weeks 14-16, and six teams make it. The top two seeds get a bye. Which DBN members are in the hunt?

There are three divisions with four teams each. It just happened to be that the three best teams in the league all fall into one division and have clinched the top three spots. Currently, each of those teams have a 9-3 record. They are golanbatrac, rufio, and Buckeye Brad. Two of those teams will earn a first-round bye. Whoever the third team is will be the top seed in the first round of the playoffs.

This week, rufio takes on golanbatrac. If Brad is able to win his game, then he'll have the benefit of one of the two teams above him knocking each other out of the bye week. All three owners have something to play for.

In the other two divisions, all three of four teams are still alive in the chase for the division title. And, based on how the Week 13 schedule is set up, it looks like every single team still had a slight chance to snatch the final wildcard spot, even me. But, I would need all six games this week to go my way, plus I'd have to make sure I win a few other tiebreakers, for me to even have a chance. Feel free to discuss the intense competition this week as the season winds down!


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