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Instant Recap: McCoy's Rough Day Costs Cleveland

It was a rough day for Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, who struggled throwing the ball more today than he did at any other point this season. He threw three interceptions, and each time he threw one, it came when the Browns were driving and McCoy was airing the ball out down the field. The first time, McCoy's throw was intercepted by the cornerback in man coverage. The second and third time, safety Ed Reed floated over from the safety position to prevent the big play.

In the second quarter with Cleveland losing 10-7, the Browns faced a 3rd-and-5 from midfield. McCoy's pass down the sideline to Mohamed Massaquoi was intercepted and run back for 20 yards, eventually leading to a Ravens field goal.

In the fourth quarter, with Cleveland losing 20-10 and facing a 2nd-and-10 from the 27, McCoy threw to the end zone again and was intercepted by Reed. If the Browns didn't make the mistake on that drive and just kicked a field goal, with a defensive stop they still could have been in position to drive for another score before the end of the game.

It wasn't just the interceptions that plagued McCoy, particularly in the second half. His throws weren't as accurate as they've been the past couple of weeks, something we couldn't afford with Peyton Hillis being on the Ravens' radar all game long. It seemed like the plays were there to be made, but McCoy wasn't able to rise the occasion. I'm disappointed, perhaps more so because it increases the odds that we'll have to deal with more and more head coaching rumors over the next couple of weeks.