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Instant Recap: Defensive Battle Ends With Late INT by Mike Adams

You can say that the Cleveland Browns' offense struggled against the Miami Dolphins today. While the Browns had a lot of trouble moving the football throughout the game, their lack of success was a tribute to just how well the Dolphins were playing on defense. They penetrated through our offensive line at the right times, and I don't know if they missed a single tackle all game.

The Browns were not too bad themselves defensively. They constantly pressured Chad Henne into dumpoff passes throughout the game, and the quarterback had a difficult time ever finding a good rhythm as he completed just 50% of his passes and tossed three interceptions. Delhomme, on the other hand, kept on completing short passes (except for one key drive), had a 70% completion rate, and did not turn the ball over.

In the fourth quarter, with less than two minutes on the clock, the game was tied 10-10 and Miami had the football. Would Cleveland's defense collapse again in the same situation they faced the past two weeks? The answer was "no."

On 3rd-and-9 with 54 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Henne's pass to the left was tipped at the line by none other than linebacker David Bowens. Bowens has some luck when he tips balls in that area of the field, because his pass somehow ricocheted to the right side of the field right to where safety Mike Adams was standing. Adams returned the ball down to the two yard line. The Browns took a couple of knees before letting Phil Dawson kick the game-winning field goal as time expired.

With Cleveland's 13-10 victory, they find themselves with a 5-7 record and a much more secured job for head coach Eric Mangini. Cleveland's playoff hopes are still moderately alive when it comes to the wildcard race, but it all starts with needing the Steelers to beat the Ravens tonight.

Side note: I know that Delhomme almost threw a pick six with under two minutes to play, but it didn't happen and the Browns won, so I'll look past that for now...