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The Source of the Quinn-for-Marshall Rumor

Depending on how often you surf the Internet, you might have seen "rumors" gaining traction again that the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos are discussing trade possibilities, namely one that would send QB Brady Quinn to Denver for WR Brandon Marshall. Most of the websites reporting this information cite the Denver Post as the source of the rumor.

This is the only mention of Quinn from that Denver Post article:

Because Marshall is a restricted free agent, the Broncos are expected to go through the exercise of tendering him a contract. But that tender will only serve as a mechanism to execute a deal with another club. Baltimore, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland (how about Marshall for Brady Quinn?) and maybe the New York Jets are among the teams that may benefit most from acquiring a top-shelf receiver.

If someone finds another, more "concrete" source of the rumor, please let me know. As far as I can tell though, the above paragraph seems like nothing more than author Mike Kils offering his take on teams that would be in need of a receiver. That's not to say the deal won't happen in the future; I just don't see anything specific that should even constitute this as a "buzzing" rumor all of a sudden.