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Around the Pound (2/15): Browns Special Teams Unit Dominates the League

It's been a full week since the Super Bowl as teams are pretty much in full offseason discussion now. In today's Presidents Day Edition of Around the Pound, we primarily take a look at the Dallas Morning News' special teams rankings from the 2009-2010 campaign.


Browns Rank First on Special Teams

In rankings compiled by the Dallas Morning News, the Cleveland Browns ranked first in the NFL on special teams. The way their system works is that they have a total of 22 different categories, ranging from kickoff returns all the way down to penalties. The best team in the league in each category receives 1 point, while the worst team in the league receives 32 points. Obviously, the goal is to receive the lowest number of points under this system.

That's exactly what the Browns did. In fact, in comparison, the Browns were even a far cry from second-place finishing Tampa Bay.

Rk. Team Points
1. Cleveland 215.5
2. Tampa Bay 256.5
3. Buffalo 274
4. Cowboys 288
5. NY Jets 296.5


"You always talk about the hidden yardage on special teams," said Brad Seely, special teams coordinator of the Browns. "But this [season] was a case where the yards weren't so hidden. Our special teams were a factor in games, and everybody could see it."

The Browns finished in sole possession of first place in the following categories:

  • Kickoff Coverage: Cleveland, 18.9 yards
  • Starting Point: Cleveland, 31.4-yard line
  • Points Scored: Cleveland, 24

Now, if only we could get our offense and defense together next season...

Team Needs at Mocking the Draft

Over at Mocking the Draft, there is a post that describes some of the team needs of the Cleveland Browns. The three needs listed are in the following order: running back, cornerback, and tight end. I don't think I agree with that list too much, but feel free to head on over there and check it out.

1. Running Back


- Jerome Harrison finished off the season strong but is he really the long term answer at the position? The Browns have some need at the receiver position but they need to let some of their younger players develop so addressing the running back position is a must. Adding a playmaking back will help the quarterback, receivers, and defense. With a strong combine performance CJ Spiller could be their pick in round 1. If not look at maybe Jonathan Dwyer and Ryan Matthews in round 2.

Donte Stallworth Updates

Who wants WR Donte Stallworth? After he was released by the Browns, the initial teams interested were reportedly the Cincinnati Bengals (really? ;)) and the Detroit Lions. Since those initial rumors though, it appears as though the Bengals have pulled out and that the Lions are the only team that might be trying to acquire Stallworth.

Off-Beat Notes

  • Some LOST fans are complaining about the fact that they felt last week's episode was horrible because it seemed like "filler" and they want "answers." As far as I'm concerned, if all people want every episode is answers, answers, answers, then they need to forget watching the rest of the season and just read about them online after the season is over to see all the answers they want. I think the true LOST fans still appreciate the fact that a story is still attempting to be told in the final season rather than a "let's dump the answer bank all at once just for the hell of it."
  • I'm sure all of you have seen the new Facebook Connect feature. If you haven't already read about the features associated with it, then check them out here: New Facebook Connect Features. A few of you also mentioned your concerns regarding one of the advertisements seen on SB Nation. Please be assured that the upper management has heard your concerns.
  • Now that Batman 3 is supposedly in its beginning stages, I'll be very curious to hear who the main villain(s) will be. Will it be a redux like in the Dark Knight, or more of a fresh face as in Batman Begins? Either way, considering the hype that was around Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, it'll be darn-near impossible for the franchise to top their second flick.