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New Deal Inching Closer for Joshua Cribbs

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Cleveland Browns are getting closer to settling the contract situation with Joshua Cribbs.

The sides have the framework of a three-year deal in place that would replace the existing three years left on Cribbs' contract, but are continuing negotiations on the amount of guaranteed money, according to league sources. Cribbs is seeking in the range of $10 million guaranteed, while the Browns have been offering half of that at this time.

Still, there is a sense that gap could be bridged in a few negotiating sessions, and much of the complicated issues with the deal -- a multi-layered bonus and incentive structure based on playing time and performance at various positions (special teams returns, tackles, receptions, rushing yards as the option quarterback, etc.) -- are essentially completed.

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Canfora also reports that the two sites might be interested in including an option for more years to the deal beyond 2012. Cribbs is asking for a lot more guaranteed money that the Browns' current offer, but based on the progress it's hard to imagine there being another falling out.

Here's the question now -- in the long run, did Cribbs' and his agents' strategy to go public help their cause in getting a new contract, or would the new staff have negotiated this type of deal regardless? Either way, it doesn't appear as though there is a scenario in which Cribbs is on the losing end of the situation.