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Mike Holmgren: Giving QB's Time to Develop, and the Uncapped Year

Cleveland Browns team president Mike Holmgren has been talking with a few media outlets the past few days about a few particular topics. First on his agenda was the development of a quarterback:

"My philosophy — but I’m not coaching any more — is  I could grab anybody and make him better at quarterback," Holmgren said, seeming relaxed in a swivel chair during a lengthy chat. "That was me. That was my cockiness."

Holmgren still isn't ruling out any individual player at quarterback, meaning until further notice, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are the two quarterbacks the team will choose from. When Holmgren was hired, he said he was a firm believer in giving a head coach a fair chance to develop a team and initiate his gameplan. He said something similar about a quarterback: he prefers to give his starter a full two seasons before casting him aside. Why does Holmgren set the bar at two years?

"He’s had a fair chance to show me he gets it, he studies, he’s learned the offense, his decision making is good, and we can win with him," Holmgren said. "Now, that’s two years. That’s 32 games."

"I think Brady’s played about nine games in three years (actually 12). So if I’m sticking to my beliefs, which I really do believe in, that’s the formula."

Holmgren stated that he still needed to study the film more before providing his input on what to do at the position, but his tone certainly seems to favor Quinn at this point. A decision is supposed to be made before training camp, but I'd imagine we'll have a better indication of Holmgren's decision by the time the draft rolls around.

Next on Holmgren's agenda was discussing what the Browns will do without a salary cap. Will they impose a personal salary cap limit, or will they go crazy and spend as they please? Holmgren seemed to say that the Browns will stay within reasonable boundaries:

"As an organization we believe in building a team through the draft and being very selective in free agency; I think that's how you build it," stated Holmgren.

(Regarding the Browns' free agents)

"I can't speak for other teams, but the guys we think can be contributors for us we're going to try to keep," Holmgren said. "I'm not going to say right now who they are."

Finally, the Plain Dealer reports when the Browns will next meet with Joshua Cribbs:

The two sides will meet next week at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, which runs Thursday through March 2.

While the guaranteed money remains a question, there still seems to be a reasonable feeling that a deal is within striking distance.