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Players Browns Have Met With at NFL Combine

Over at, they have been providing live blogs the past few days from the NFL Combine. Included in their notes are some of the players that teams have met with. You don't necessarily need to read a whole lot into this information, as some of the players have met with most of the teams in the NFL, not just the Cleveland Browns.

Here are the players that, among other sources, have confirmed as having met with the Browns (either formally or informally), along with their projected draft round from CBS Sports:

Players Browns Have Met With at NFL Combine

If you have heard about any other players meeting with the Browns, post their names in the comments section and I will update the list. Here are some additional notes from Browns general manager Tom Heckert from the combine, via

  • The team will begin tendering contracts on Wednesday or Thursday. They haven't started any negotiations for new long-term contracts with their RFA's yet.
  • Regarding their regular free agents, the they haven't made any decisions regarding them yet either.
  • The Browns are not opposed moving up or down in the draft and have discussed both scenarios with other teams already.
  • DT Shaun Rogers will be ready to participate in minicamp.

Finally, Peter Bean, the head of our NCAA blogs, has been at the NFL Combine doing daily diaries of his travels. Here are the links to them: [NFL Combine Day 1] - [NFL Combine Day 2]