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Around the Pound (2/6): Stallworth's Reinstatement, Former Browns in Super Bowl

We're just one day away from the Super Bowl, where the Indianapolis Colts will square off against the New Orleans Saints. Preliminary details indicate that SB Nation would like to try out something unique for the game thread of the Super Bowl. Basically, this is how it will work. Because the Colts and the Saints are the two Super Bowl teams, those two blogs will host their own game threads.

All other SB Nation NFL blogs will point their users toward a "cumulative" Super Bowl game thread over at This means that instead of just commenting with fellow Browns fans, you could be talking to some of the fans from Arrowhead Pride (Chiefs), Big Cat Country (Jaguars), Buc'em (Buccaneers), etc. While this might sound annoying for some of you, if you planned on stopping by the DBN game thread to begin with, I encourage you to at least stop by this thread to take part in this experiment.

Now, onto today's edition of Around the Pound!


Stallworth to be Re-Instated After the Super Bowl

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that WR Donte Stallworth will be reinstated following the Super Bowl. The new front office hasn't made a public commitment as to what they will do with Stallworth, but odds are that he will be cut prior to March 20 when he is due a $1 million bonus. That gives the Browns a little over a month to make a final decision.

Former Browns Players in the Super Bowl

From what I can recollect, these are the former Browns players who will participate in the Super Bowl:



  • K Matt Stover

It's not an extremely impressive bunch, but it's our "representation." Moore was an UDFA with the Browns in camp in 2005, Kyle was taken in the expansion draft, Dinkins was the tight end Romeo Crennel and Jamal Lewis loved, and everyone should remember Stover.

Information on Browns Season Tickets

In summary, season ticket prices will not increase for the 2010 campaign. Additionally, season tickets will now be available in the stadium's "Family Zone."

 "Having faced the Browns several times in Cleveland as a head coach, I know what a home field advantage our stadium can provide," said Browns President Mike Holmgren. "We're excited about continuing to build the type of team that our fans can be proud of.  I know that they will be an integral part of any success that we have and that is why we are pleased to keep our ticket prices as affordable as possible for our fans."

Off-Beat Notes

  • It's been discussed here before, but I continue to get infuriated with the stupid and/or disrespectful comments over at I know what to expect from there, but any time I read an article, I still scroll down to the comments with the false hope that maybe, just maybe I'll read somebody who will even post an ounce of the insight that can be found in the comments on this site.
  • I dug the two-hour season premiere of LOST. Before the show started, earlier that day I saw a headline that said something like "read about LOST's brain-liquefying premiere." Brain-liquefying was the perfect term, because that's what I felt like was happening to me upon the initial "what!?!" of the parallel timelines. Upon reading fan theory following the show and checking out, watching the show for the second time last night helped me see some of the details I missed the first time around.
  • How about all of that snow, Clevelanders? There's nothing funner than playing a little football in it; doing it this morning with the wind blowing non-stop for several hours straight doesn't have an affect when your adrenaline is going and you're layered up.