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Super Bowl Game Thread - Saints vs. Colts

The Indianapolis Colts will battle the New Orleans Saints to determine the winner of Super Bowl XLIV. This game truly features the best of the best, as both of the league's No. 1 seeds will square off against each other. The thing that is so dangerous about both teams is that they are never out of a game. We saw it earlier this season when the Colts stunned the Patriots, and also when the Saints rallied against the Redskins.

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts
Game Time: 6:25 PM on CBS
Line: Colts by 5   |   Over/Under: 57






Both teams have the leaders at quarterback -- Peyton Manning with Indianapolis and Drew Brees with New Orleans. DE Dwight Freeney will be ready to play, which is a huge lift for the Colts' defense. He'll be countered by S Darren Sharper of the Saints.

The only way I could see this game going south is if one of the backup quarterbacks had to play. Nobody wants to see Curtis Painter or Mark Brunell quarterbacking the Super Bowl.

Yesterday, I mentioned that the open game thread would be at There is a slight change in that. You may use the game thread here at Dawgs By Nature as you wish. In addition though, I encourage you to stop by the SBNation game thread as well and join in on the fun!

As for my prediction with today's game, I'm taking the Colts. I don't have a good reason why other than the fact that I always root for them and I love watching Manning.