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Around the Pound (3/1): New NFL Overtime Rules, Decision-Time on DL Corey Williams

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we take a look at the new proposed overtime rule for the NFL, what the Browns will do with DL Corey Williams, some tidbits from Terry Pluto's Sunday column, and another look around the AFC North.


Changing the League's Overtime Rule

The NFL competition committee will discuss a possible change to the league's current overtime format when they meet mid-way through March. The proposed change is an interesting one, and reportedly gained steam after Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings never got the football in this year's overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship. Under the new overtime system, the following rules would apply...

  1. If the team that receives the ball first scores a touchdown, the game is over.
  2. If the team that receives the ball first scores a field goal, then the other team would receive a chance to score. If that team doesn't score, they lose. If they get a touchdown, they win. If they kick a field goal, the game continues in sudden death format.
  3. The rules would only apply for postseason games.

I am intrigued by the proposal. It gives more incentive to the defense for knowing a field goal won't end the game. It also changes the strategy in overtime, where teams might be more aggressive to score a touchdown first rather than settling for the game-winning field goal as the other team wishes the coin toss could've gone the other way.

The only problem that I see? The fact that the changes would only take place in postseason games. Sure, postseason games are always "win or go home" type of games, but in the regular season, there are some games that have that billing as well. If the system is going to be implemented, it should be for the entire NFL season, or not at all.

In a vote, at least two thirds of the teams would have to agree to adopting the rule change.

"There have been various concepts that have been discussed in recent years, but this one has never been proposed," Greg Aiello said.

Corey Williams - $1.7 Million Bonus Due Soon

While we've known that Corey Williams has been generally unhappy with the 3-4 system in Cleveland compared to the 4-3 system in which he thrived in at Green Bay, a decision on the defensive lineman will have to be made soon:

Defensive end Corey Williams was unhappy with his lack of playing time in 2009. Williams is due a $1.7 million roster bonus in March and a $4.2 million salary, and the Browns might either release him or try to trade him.

We might be able to find a trade partner for Williams. He finally seemed to come alive a little bit toward the end of last season, showing glimpses that he might just be able to work in Rob Ryan's system. Do we keep him, cut him, or trade him?

Pluto: Browns Remain Winners in Mark Sanchez Trade

In Terry Pluto's Sunday column, he does a little Q&A session with himself regarding which team ended up benefiting from the trade last April that sent Mark Sanchez to the New York Jets:

Mack will be a 10-year starter at center. Elam probably starts at safety for at least half of the teams. He is especially strong against the run, but suffers in coverage. The Browns still need a big-time safety, which is why they are dreaming about Tennessee's Eric Berry falling to them at No. 7.

Around the AFC North

Off-Beat Notes

  • The other day, I believe it was rufio who mentioned a scale he used to judge movies. Without directly quoting him, it sounded like a movie of crappy quality could be a great movie for your personal tastes for the laughs provided. It's all about your patience and your willingness to accept the movie for what it is prior to watching it.

    That's exactly how I feel about Steven Seagal movies. I've watched the majority of his straight-to-DVD movies since 2005, and for the most part I love them. The only time I miss that comedic feeling and feel ripped off is when Seagal's voice is dubbed over for the entire movie. Next on my agenda: A Dangerous Man, released back in early February. It's already on order.
  • That was a very exciting Hockey game on Sunday, as Canada prevailed in overtime 3-2 over the United States. I was pulling for Gold, but Silver is nothing to sneeze at. In the past, the only time I've really watched the NHL is during the Stanley Cup Finals, and even then I'm not really into it. I felt passion about yesterday's game, but I don't think it'll translate to the NHL. That's similar to the World Cup -- I love watching it, but don't really get into soccer any other time.
  • Would you watch a comedy spinoff featuring Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson as the two lead characters?
  • Jay Leno returns tonight. I used to tune in to his show as a casual viewer here and there. While I am on Team Conan, I'll probably tune in tonight just to see if there's any residue of the late-night drama being discussed; or if the Super Bowl commercial featuring him, Letterman, and Oprah will be on tap.