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Cleveland Browns Massive Overhaul Continues: Brady Quinn Traded to Denver, Kamerion Wimbley Shipped to Oakland

So, you thought things would calm down for a little bit after the signing of QB Jake Delhomme?

Think again.

The Cleveland Browns made two significant trades Sunday afternoon, both involving teams in the AFC West. In an expected move, QB Brady Quinn was traded to the Denver Broncos. In an unexpected move, LB Kamerion Wimbley was shipped to the Oakland Raiders. Here are the reported details of each trade:

The Brady Quinn Deal (Source):


  • QB Brady Quinn


  • RB/FB Peyton Hillis
  • 6th round draft pick in 2011
  • Conditional draft pick in 2012

Commentary: Hillis was a seventh-round draft pick by the Broncos in the 2008 draft. There was no way the Browns were going to get the same value they spent on Quinn (almost two first round draft picks), but I'm definitely intrigued by acquiring Hillis. During the 2008 campaign, Hillis became a spot starter for the Denver Broncos due to an array of injuries the team suffered. The 250-pound fullback finished the season with 343 yards rushing (5.0 average) and 5 touchdowns, and also proved to be an effective receiver. He didn't get nearly as many touches last year.

I still am not thrilled with the thought of "giving up" on Quinn; I guess we'll see how long it is before he takes over for Kyle Orton in Denver. If Josh McDaniels had an interest in Quinn last year and still went out and acquired him this year, I don't think he wants him to be some form of a veteran backup. Eric Mangini made this statement regarding the Quinn trade:

“I appreciate everything Brady did for us last year and in his three seasons with the Cleveland Browns,” Browns coach Eric Mangini said in a statement. “He is professional in the way he goes about doing his job and worked extremely hard at every aspect of his game. I wish him the best of success in Denver.”

The Kamerion Wimbley Deal (Source):


  • LB Kamerion Wimbley


  • 3rd round draft pick in April (speculation)

Commentary: The reports seem to indicate that the Browns received a third-round draft pick for Wimbley. Wimbley never lived up to the hype, and I suppose I'm "ok" with getting rid of him. We probably received the maximum compensation we could have for him, since the Raiders have an early third-round draft choice. It's funny to see Oakland again going after speed again.

The details of the trades above will be updated as more information becomes available. Feel free to sound off on both of these deals in the comments section below!