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Around the Pound (3/18): Holmgren on Tebow, Anderson to Arizona

In today's edition of Around the Pound, we intentionally force many Browns fans to gouge their eyes out with the photograph of Tim Tebow and Mike Holmgren above, among other things including the new home of quarterback Derek Anderson.


Tim Tebow's Pro Day Draws Mike Holmgren

Remember how the Cleveland Browns acquired an extra third-round draft pick, and that we don't have a young quarterback (excluding Brett Ratliff) on our roster? That could be where Florida QB Tim Tebow enters the picture. Has a college player ever been so hyped/discussed with the intention of them not being drafted in the first two rounds?

Both Mike Holmgren and Eric Mangini were in attendance for Tebow's Pro Day Wednesday, and Holmgren came away impressed after seeing Tebow's new throwing motion.

"Clearly, he's a special young man," Holmgren told the Associated Press. "You can tell he's trying to make adjustments to his motion. That seems to be what people are fired up about, and he's working very hard to do that, and it showed today. I thought he had a pretty good workout."

"Those of us that know the position a little bit and watch the position and have coached the position, you saw it," Holmgren said. "You saw he's worked hard on changing some of his technique, and I root for him. He's a wonderful young man. I pull for guys like that, and he's going to make some team very happy."

There are a collection of links in this Tebow FanShot, where several videos are available so you can take a look at Tebow yourself.

Derek Anderson Signs with Arizona

If there was one team right now in the NFL where I think Derek Anderson could re-live his 2007 Pro Bowl season, it would be with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals signed Anderson to a two-year deal. At a minimum, Anderson will make $7.25 million over those two years, with $3.25 million guaranteed. If he becomes the starter and earns incentives, his contract could max out to $18.25 million. This is the type of structured contract I would've rather seen Delhomme receive, but perhaps we felt we'd lose him to New Orleans then.

You can check out the reaction from the fans of our Cardinals affiliate here. Here's one of their comments:

You can't judge based on one game. That’s like saying Warner wasn’t worthy because he threw too many INT’s in one game. Anderson had some outstanding games in 2007 that could easily counter a 2-fo-17 performance. You’ve got to judge on the whole and not one or two individual games.

How little they know about Mr. Derek Anderson ;) In the end though, I do anticipate Anderson becoming Arizona's starter either at the beginning or the middle of the season. It just always seems to happen.

Terry Pluto: on Delhomme's Presser and Tebow

As always, check out Pluto's column above for more of his thoughts. I selected my two favorite ones and have highlighted them below:

7. I believe the Browns will be a run-first team. That is Mangini's style for a team that plays in bad weather on grass. He'll use a multiple-back system with Jerome Harrison, Lawrence Vickers and newcomer Peyton Hillis. The Browns really like Hillis, who averaged 4.9 yards per carry in Denver. They also are working on packages with Joshua Cribbs and Seneca Wallace in the Wildcat formations. While Holmgren said he didn't want Delhomme to "just manage the game," they also won't want the veteran throwing the ball 35 times an outing, either.

8. Don't know if the Browns will draft Tim Tebow, but I wouldn't be shocked if they took him in the third round when the team has multiple picks. It's easy to imagine Holmgren and Mangini being impressed by Tebow's character and work ethic, along with his history of success. Holmgren drafted Wallace, who was considered far more of an athlete at Iowa State than a polished quarterback. But Holmgren liked Wallace's character.

Haden's New Forty Time

The new 40-time for Joe Haden, according to his Pro Day? 4.39. That erases the concern of speed, but has his contention of being drafted by Cleveland taken a turn with the team's recent moves at quarterback?

Around the AFC North

Off-Beat Notes

  • I never mind LOST episodes, but the ending to Recon was kind of anticlimatic, and it was one of those rare times where I felt, "okay, it was kind of unnecessary to play the dramatic music for a not-so-surprising statement." Next week's episode is one that we've been waiting several years for, and I anticipate it delivering big-time. I imagine the episode will stray from the flashsideways theme for at least a week.
  • Shoot, I forgot the Celebrity Apprentice debuted last Sunday. I'm going to have to watch it online to catch up before next week's episode.
  • Flashforward returns tonight with a two-hour episode. The show is lightyears away from LOST, but between this show and Fringe, I need something ready to fulfill my television sci-fi gap that'll be missing next year.
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