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NFL Combine: Eric Berry Thrives, Joe Haden Disappoints in 40-yard Dash

It was the defensive backs turn to showcase their talent on Tuesday. Considering the fact that most projections have the Cleveland Browns taking a defensive back with the seventh overall pick in the draft, I find it suitable to take a look at the 40-times of CB Joe Haden and S Eric Berry.

Most projections have had Berry being selected before the Browns pick, leaving Haden available at No. 7. Did their 40-times do anything to change that?

(Please be aware that these times are unofficial to this point; they will be updated as the official ones are posted)

  • S Eric Berry: 4.46 and 4.40.
  • CB Joe Haden: 4.57 and 4.60.

Those are solid numbers for Berry, who certainly didn't harm his stock. As for Haden, the results were disappointing. Over at Big Cat Country, our Jacksonville Jaguars affiliate, they initially had hopes that Haden would be available to them at No. 10. Now, they wouldn't be surprised if he slipped past the top 10, making comparisons to the disappointing 4.55 that Malcolm Jenkins ran a year ago.

Well, it's safe to say now that Joe Haden's stock has taken a hit and may slide past the Jaguars radar if they stay at the #10 spot. If the commotion on twitter is correct, Haden turned in a 4.57 and 4.6 in his 40 yard dash. In a position where speed is the X-factor, Haden may have ran himself out of the top 10.

Link, Big Cat Country

Haden might still be a solid pick, but is he worth it at No. 7 overall? Is speed enough to change your minds to address another position in round one, and then draft a cornerback in the second round?