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2010 DBN Big Board

The DBN Big Board is back.

There are many draft gurus and player rankings out there this time of year, but not many that are specifically Browns-oriented.  In anticipation of the Draft, I want to collectively rank the prospects as an online community.  Do you think we should always take the best player available?  Do you think our team-specific needs should play a role in who we value in the draft?  How do you think the players stack up?

This is your chance to vote.

Here is how it will work:  Using the Scouts Inc. rankings (yes, I am aware of how much you hate Todd McShay) I will compile a pool of 20 or so draft eligible players.  We will take a poll and rank players five at a time--1 being the guy you would value the most if you were Mangini/Holmgren/Heckert, 2 being the guy you would take if your first choice was gone, 3 being next in line, and so on.

Every three days or so, the votes will be tallied, and we will take the five highest-ranked players out of the pool of eligible players and put them on our "DBN Big Board".  I will add another 5 or so players to the draft-eligible pool, and we will vote again, ranking the next 5.

When we approach the draft, we will have ranked 50 or so players collectively.

If there are players you think I should include in the draft-eligible pool--especially if they aren't coming up in McShay's rankings, let me know and I will put them in for the next poll.


Here is the first poll:

Voting is now closed.  Please vote on the next set of rankings!