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2010 DBN Big Board-Top 5

Due to a survey malfunction, I was only able to count the first 100 votes (despite being able to collect more than 100 votes).  In the interest of time before the draft, I would like to continue anyway.

After 100 votes, our Big Board looks like this:

1. Eric Berry, S, Tennessee--422 total points.

2. Joe Haden, CB, Florida--226 total points.

3. Ndamukong Suh, DL, Nebraska--202 total points.

4. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma--132 total points.

5. Gerald McCoy, DL, Oklahoma--80 total points.

Players recieved 5 points for a 1st overall ranking, 4 for a 2nd and so on. 

Berry received 61 top rankings, Suh was second with 21.

On to the 6th through 10th positions on our DBN Big Board!  I will need to re-do the survey once it fills up with 100 votes, so please remember to only vote once. 

And if anyone knows where I can make forced ranking surveys such as this one that allow users to collect and view unlimited responses, please let me know so I don't have to make several copies of the same survey for every draft board.


As always, if there are players you would like me to add to the next survey please discuss them below.