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SB Nation Mock Draft: Dawgs By Nature Selects S Eric Berry at No. 7

The annual SB Nation Writers Mock Draft is going on over at Mocking the Draft, and I have to say that I am pleased with who was available when the Cleveland Browns were on the clock. These were the picks that were made prior to the Browns being on the clock...

(In parenthesis is the average voting rank given on Mocking the Draft -- 1 = F; 2 = D; 3 = C; 4 = B; 5 = A)

  1. St. Louis: QB Sam Bradford (4.13)
  2. Detroit: DT Ndamukong Suh (4.71)
  3. Tampa Bay: DT Gerald McCoy (4.72)
  4. Washington: OT Russell Okung (4.59)
  5. Kansas City: MLB Rolando McClain (3.49)
  6. Seattle: S Taylor Mays (2.11)

After seeing Mays selected, you can imagine how quickly I rushed to the phone (figuratively speaking) to get my pick in...

With the seventh overall pick in the 2010 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns have selected Eric Berry, safety, Tennessee.

No. 5


Pick by Dawgs By Nature

Eric Berry


Why the selection?

When looking at all of the units on the team's roster, the secondary is the one that needed to be addressed the most. It represents one of the few positions that Mike Holmgren has not pursued through free agency, and Rob Ryan will almost certainly be looking to fill two starting spots - one at cornerback and one at safety. As the best-rated safety on the board, Eric Berry has been a clear favorite amongst Browns fans, and would be considered a welcome addition to fill the void left by former starter Brodney Pool, who wasn't re-signed by the team given his history of concussions.

[Read my full analysis at Mocking the Draft]

Some question whether the Browns will take a quarterback, but I grabbed who Mocking Dan bills as the second best defensive player in the draft, only behind Suh.

You may discuss the pick here, or at Mocking the Draft. Either way, be sure to visit Mocking the Draft to read my full reasoning in choosing Berry; you can vote to grade the pick their as well. As of this post, my pick of Berry was rated a 4.74 (the highest satisfaction rate up to this point). Several other picks are already in after mine, so check them out at Mocking the Draft as well.